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Anguilla Beach Lovers, Welcome CéBlue
February 21, 2014

Combing Anguilla's Beaches for the Best

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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Welcome CéBlue

I'm happy to announce that CéBlue, a NEW, luxury boutique hotel has joined us as a Site Sponsor!

To get the "full experience," we recently visited CéBlue. Our stay? Utterly unforgettable :-)

Perched high on Crocus Hill, CéBlue offers views that stretch for as far as the eye can see.

CéBlue is made up of eight, five-bedroom luxurious villa-esque suites. Each unit has several rooms connected by the outdoor terrace. The accommodations are oversized, plush and comfortable, maximizing outdoor living space and that view...

At CéBlue, modern-contemporary fresh meets classic-Caribbean design and architecture. This aesthetic is carried out through the property.

First, the kitchen/dining room. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and just about everything you need if you want to cook and dine-in or hire a chef. Cups, cutlery, toaster, microwave, you name it, it's there.

The whole room has floor-to-ceiling windows, which lets you gaze out to sea. They retract making indoor to outdoor living seamless.

The kitchen is conveniently located (for those of us seeking drinks and snacks while sunning and dipping into the pool) adjacent to the large, outdoor living space.

The design and layout couldn't be more soothing, with its textured, earth-toned tiles, tropical flowers snaking up the white walls, and sansevierias placed throughout. CéBlue has modernized Anguillian architecture and design, lending a contemporary-fresh feel without casting aside the character and charm of its surroundings.

In our swim suits, warmed by the afternoon sun, we spent hours on this deck. When you work all day, everyday, nothing beats the absolute bliss of putting your brain on pause. My Dad "swam," my Mom played Candy Crush and I chatted with my sister on Skype. There is WiFi throughout the property.

The main outdoor living space is located on the upper floor of each unit. On either end of the top floor, there are three large bedrooms complete with a private bathroom and views looking out at Crocus Bay. Each bathroom has a luxurious rain shower and two of the bathrooms feature a large, sumptuous sink tub.

The two remaining bedrooms (including a "nanny room") are located on the lower floor. Here, you will also find the "breakfast room", an outdoor garden area with a large dining table. The gardens have been so elegantly landscaped, beautifully complementing the view...

Additionally, there is what is surely every kid's favorite room in the hotel suite... the entertainment room!

The suites are just one part of CéBlue. This hotel offers much, much more in the way of activities and amenities.

First, there's around the clock service. Call down to front desk anytime you need anything, day or night. And, there are many amenities located at front desk, too, including a modern gym...

A "kids room" with foos ball, darts, ping pong and air hockey and a boutique, which carries stylish clothing perfect for Anguilla's climate.

On top of all of that they offer a daily trainer-led workout on the beach and water sports (including tubing and water skiing with their own boat) and non-water activities (ex., hikes out to Iguana Cave).

They will also arrange service via golf cart to take you down to Crocus Bay to enjoy a day of lunch and sun at daVida and/or dinner (signing privileges included).

If you would prefer to dine-in, CéBlue features their own restaurant, Blue Bar, which serves a variety of gourmet pizzas cooked in their imported gas/wood oven.

What about breakfast? CéBlue has that covered too. Place your order the night before and they will bring breakfast straight to your room!

Kissed by warm rays from sun-up to sun-down, in a flawless setting that offers both endless views and beach access, with my Mom and Dad at my side and my sister on FaceTime, there are certain experiences that you know you will always remember.

Our time at CéBlue was exactly that.

More information available below...

Talk to you soon!

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