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Special Issue: Anguilla Beaches/da'Vida Contest!
Win a Luxurious Dinner for 2 at da'Vida!

Snowed-in? Thinking of selling your car instead of digging it out one more time? Reminiscing of your warm Anguilla beaches vacation?... The soothing waves, the gentle breeze, your only concern being your SPF layer (not the layers of heavy clothing)?

Our Anguilla vacation came to an end last week. It's days like these in New York when my Anguilla-home-sickness is already at its max.

Yuki and I are back up in New York for school, taking the ice storms and snowy weather head on. All I can wonder is, "How do I escape?"

And then it hit me!

If you can't go to Anguilla, you have to bring Anguilla to you! If you can't escape for real right now... virtual-escape!

I spend many hours per week reading travel stories about kayaking with dolphins in Australia, going on safari in Africa, surfing in Bali. When I read personal stories, it's like I'm actually there, right in the cage, dangling, just feet from a Great White Shark!

In the winter months, it sure keeps my body warm and my spirits high!

Those stories got me thinking...

What if we share our best Anguilla stories to pull us through these icy conditions?

But you already know our family's favorite Anguilla vacation stories.

So... it's time to share your most special Anguilla memories!

I called Clyde, David and Vida over at da'Vida, one of our "Fave 5" Anguilla restaurants. I asked them if they'd team up and help me turn this into a fun (and rewarding) contest.

Having spent time in the cold of the U.S., they feel the pain. They loved the idea!

All you have to do is share your most special Anguilla story, along with a picture or 2 (or 3, or 4)!

The winner wins a dinner for 2 at da'Vida on their next Anguilla vacation. If you like, my parents would love to take you out. Or not, whatever you prefer.

Click here for full information on the Anguilla-Beaches/da'Vida contest.

I look forward to reading your Anguilla stories! I'm sure everyone who reads this does! :-)

Good luck!

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