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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #4, November 2002

Well, it's been a busy week. School is going full blast and we spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

Could you possibly have two islands more different than Manhattan and Anguilla, other than the fact that they are about the same size? The shopping is just a little bit better in Manhattan (ha! ha!), but the weather and the beaches are a whole lot better in Anguilla. And the people? Well, while we've always found "New Yorkers" to be friendlier than their bad rap, Anguillians must be the nicest people on the planet! :-)

I also met Claire Devener in New York, the editor of Anguilla Life magazine. We love that magazine! She brought us tons of back issues. We love reading them. And guess what? She asked me to write the Visitor's Viewpoint in the magazine.

So I have been busy working on the article as well as my webpages. Before you know it, I'll be working as hard as my Dad does! And he works way too hard!

Anyway, all of that is my "excuse" for letting you know that since the last issue of Anguilla Beach Lovers, I've only had the time to write three new pages...

1)Anguilla Shopping
Anguilla is known for many superlatives, but not as a land of shopping. Of course, there are a few superb galleries and shops. My family's favorites?
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2)Meads Bay , Honorable Mention Among Top Anguilla Beaches
What comes after our Top 3 Anguilla Beaches? The perfect turquoise sweep of Meads Bay, bookended by two spectacular resorts, is hard to beat. More great photos by my Dad.
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3)Anguilla Snorkeling
During our Anguilla vacation, we didn't just eat, drive, hike, and swim in the ocean. We also tried snorkeling! Here are some of the most rewarding spots on the Anguilla island! And wait'll you see my Dad's terrible photos! Boy, was he disappointed.
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As I mentioned last issue, now that I'm back to school, I hope to keep adding one page per week, which means that I have more than enough great topics and photos to last me until March, 2003 when we plan on returning... for spring break. Sorry I could not have four pages total for this month. But please stay tuned -- I hope to have four new pages for you next month, about what's new at Anguilla Beaches Dot Com. :-)

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