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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #6, January 2003

Wow! What a month! Christmas, New Years... too bad we couldn't have been in Anguilla like Doug (my dad's friend who has the villa on Barnes Bay). We hear he's having a blast by the beach, with neighbors such as Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal (yes, really!). But now, I suppose that's all over, seeing how it's back to school tomorrow. How depressing. :-(

Anyhow, I've been making Web pages in between events, trips and such. My dad has done one, too, this time. And the "Top 10 Things for a Teen to Do in Anguilla" article for Claire Devener's fabulous magazine, Anguilla Life, should be coming out any day now. I'll keep you posted.

Three new Web pages...

1)Financial Services
Obviously done by Dad. He's interested in Anguilla for its financial services industry -- so he'll be adding an article now and then, on offshore companies, tax havens, offshore banking, and so forth, in Anguilla.
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2)Travel to Anguilla in August
Anguilla is the most exciting Caribbean island in August! Its boatracing and Carnival and other big "August Week" events make August a bigger holiday than Christmas here!!! Yet no one seems to know about it, there are no tourists and cut-rate deals available everywhere!
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3)Anguilla's Unknown Waters
On Anguilla, the Atlantic and Caribbean beaches get all the publicity! But other stunning bodies of water are calm, unknown, and offer world-class bird watching and peaceful walks. What and where are they?
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Hope you had a great holiday! Happy New Year to you, hope it's a great one (and that might mean we'll see you in Anguilla -- you know what we look like, so just say hi!).

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