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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #8, March 2003

Wow! Another month has just flown by. Only two pages this month, since I've been so busy at school and I'm running out of really special places to write about! But luckily...

Just as I start to run out of great ideas for new pages, we're off to Anguilla tomorrow, for ten glorious days! So I'll have plenty of fresh ideas and experiences on this best of all islands, to share with you!

New for this month...

1)Anguilla Restaurants Are So TASTY
One of the very best is even called TASTY'S!
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2)Anguilla's Stonehenge
Stonehenge on Anguilla? Yes... slow down and gather your thoughts in this oasis of calm within our favorite island of tranquility.
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Well, we'll be leaving soon. I'm excited and a little nervous about flying. The whole family is bustling and it's almost midnight, still packing.

See you in a month.

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