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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #14, October 2003

School's in full swing now... quizzes, tests, homework, essays, assignments, and all that typical work. Too bad! But worse, the dreaded "mid-terms" are approaching.

On a lighter note, my hard work has paid off. School has gone well. So the family is heading off to New York City for Columbus Day Weekend (which is also our Canadian Thanksgiving -- by the time November rolls around, it's too cold to have much to give thanks for if we had Thanksgiving on the same weekend as Americans!).

Before leaving for the Big Apple, here are four new Anguilla-Beaches pages...

#1) Anguilla Life Magazine
Anguilla Life is like bringing Anguilla home to you, three times a year. We love it. And I admire Claire Devener, a real one-woman band who has her finger on Anguilla's pulse.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Life Magazine" Page.

#2) The Best Vehicle for an Offshore Corporation
Anguilla is THE ideal island to set up an offshore corporation, for several important reasons. Why and how...(Written by my Dad.)
Please click here to visit the "The Best Vehicle for an Offshore Corporation" Page.

#3) The Best Anguilla Books - My Anguilla Bookstore
My dad discovered this Caribbean hideaway, accidentally, because of a book about Anguilla. Since then, here are the best Anguilla books from our library on the island.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Books" Page.

#4) Cheap Anguilla Restaurant
The best cheap beach-shack restaurant is on Anguilla's most famous beach, and may just be Anguilla's most famous restaurant of all.
Please click here to visit this "Cheap Anguilla Restaurant."

That's it for this month. With all my schoolwork, and trip to Manhattan, and upcoming midterms, I'll be sending the next issue of Anguilla Beach Lovers at the end of November. Have a nice autumn, and don't forget to make your travel preparations to Anguilla!

See you there in March! ;-)

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