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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #15, November 30, 2003

Christmas is just around the corner. And we'll be staying here in the ice and snow for the holidays. (It's not so bad, actually, since the holiday season and New Year's doesn't feel right without the snow, somehow -- but I sure wouldn't mind losing it on January 3!)

So... no Anguilla this month for us, but we're heading back during the beginning of March, for Spring Break! Unfortunately, my Dad's friend (who owns the villa) has family who will be staying there.

Jackie Pascher, my Dad's favorite real estate agent (who one day will find that special piece of land once my parents are ready to retire and build down there), is looking for a villa for us. I can't wait to see what she finds! And I'll have a new villa experience to tell you all about. :-)

Anyway, over the past two months I've done quite a bit on the site. There's been a lot of changes, especially in the "eating" section, which I've subdivided, and added "shopping" to the navigation.

Also, I've tried my hand at using forms on the Web site, in two ways. One for folks who want to contact Jackie Pascher -- my Dad says that since a form has no e-mail link, those nasty spambots can't grab her address. And the other form is in one of my five new pages below, in which I ask you for a *VERY* special favor.

Here are the new pages...

#1) The Straw Hat Restaurant
Sitting peacefully on the waters of Forest Bay, gazing out to the lights and mountains of St. Martin, is "the greatest of the glamorous".
Please click here to visit the "The Straw Hat Restaurant" Page.

#2) Shoal Bay East (East) Web Cam
Anguilla beaches are the most magnificent of the entire Caribbean. And Shoal Bay is the best of the best. Here is a *LIVE* Web cam of the East end.
Please click here to visit the "Shoal Bay East (East) Web Cam" Page. (This works well with Mac. But Windows users may have trouble making this work, sorry. But if you CAN see it... ahhhhhh.)

#3) Hibernia Restaurant
All the way out on the east end sits one of the sweetest, yet one of the ritziest, anguilla restaurants...
Please click here to visit the "Hibernia Restaurant" Page.

#4) Merchants Market
Looking for the even-cheaper-than-groceries, ultra-cheap way to cut your Anguilla food bill?
Please click here to visit the "Merchants Market" Page.

#5) Information on Anguilla
This is a page that I am really excited about. I have added a form to this page... for YOU! :-)

This is a very special page, because the information goes in the opposite direction. You tell me (and other visitors to the site) about your best meal, favorite spot, funnest thing you've done on Anguilla, or whatever made the island "that great" for you!

Please click here to visit the "Information on Anguilla" Page, and send me your very best experience. I'd love to hear from you and add your experience to the site.

Well, the snow is falling and so is the temperature. Let's hope that you're warmer, or that this issue helped warm you a bit. But in any case, have a happy holiday!

P.S. I'll be waiting for your stories... :)

Please click here to visit Anguilla Beaches Home Page...

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