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Anguilla Restaurants
The Greatest of the Glamorous


Update: Straw Hat has moved to Meads Bay. More on Straw Hat at Frangipani here.

Sitting peacefully on the waters of Forest Bay, gazing out to the lights and mountains of St. Martin, is, in my Dad's words, "the best of all glamorous Anguilla Restaurants", Straw Hat.

straw hat anguilla

The Straw Hat is run by Peter Parles and his wife Anne Parles. The two moved to the island in 1996 to open the restaurant. Peter used to work in New York as the Associate Producer of Nickelodeon television show, Blue's Clues.

My parents first ate at the Straw Hat in March 2003 with a few friends from the island.

anguilla restaurants

They had been so kind to us to let us stay in their villa during our time on Anguilla so my parents thanked them and took them to dinner. My sister and I were also thankful, so didn't mind missing out on the meal and babysat their daughter.

However, that doesn't mean that I didn't care how their evening went. I was dying to see pictures, and hear how it was. Well, the pictures came first. Here are a couple...

Inside the Straw Hat
(Note: My Dad didn't take this.)
straw hat anguilla

My Mom, Friends, and Peter Parles
(Peter Parles is on the far right.)
straw hat anguilla

Then, it was time to hear the review. My Dad said it got a perfect 10!

First of all, location was prime. Right on the water (technically!), great view to St. Martin, and not too long of a drive.

Second, it was friendly. The owner was nice, warm, and made you feel welcome.

Third, the service was prompt - they didn't keep you waiting.

And last, the food was out of this world. He said it beat out Mango's, Blanchard's and Hibernia! (But even though it has better food doesn't mean the prices are better. They're still up there!)

So, I bet you're wondering two things now.

#1 - What did your Dad eat there? He had the red snapper. He loves that in general, but they did it super here!

#2 - How do you get there??? If you're coming from the parking lot at the airport, you take the only exit and go straight (east). Follow that road and then, at Omolulu School, bear left. This will take you down to the sea and at a fork will become gravel. Stay on the pavement by keeping left and going down into Forest Bay. The pavement will eventually turn into gravel and the surroundings will turn into the Straw Hat. Tada!

So, if you're thinking of dining out a glamorous restaurant on the island, don't cross the Straw Hat off your list. If my Dad said it was good, it should be great. Enjoy!