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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #27, April 9th 2005

Our best vacation yet in Anguilla!

Eleven glorious days catching rays, swimming in warm water, and just being enveloped in Anguilla's "feel".

And I must say, this trip was a little bit weird. I was recognized nearly everywhere.

People even whispered and pointed at us in restaurants. One very nice lady even asked for my autograph. Me! I was so nervous I could hardly write my name!

Anyway, I came to the following conclusion...

I'm recognized in Anguilla, so I'll have to go to St. Barts to disappear. Ha Ha! ;-)

Anyway, we're now (sadly) back to the bitter cold of Montreal. Sigh...

But on a lighter note, I've brought back tons of new material! (The highlight was a round-the-island boat tour that I filmed. Wow, what an experience, we even saw whales.)

Here's the first of my 2005 reports...

#1) Wallblake Airport Update
Anguilla's airport has grown! But the number of flights has gone down, thanks to bad faith by AA. So we found new ways to find the best Anguilla airfare and save several hours, too!
Please click here to visit the "Wallblake Airport Update" Page.

#2) Anguilla Taxi
After a long flight to St. Martin (which saved us time and money), we'd rather take this special taxi boat instead of the Anguilla ferry. It got us "settled into" our vacation right away.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Taxi" Page.

#3) Brad Pitt (And Paparazzi) Visit Anguilla
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston visit Anguilla. Unfortunately, so did the paparazzi. Is the secret out?
Please click here to visit the "Brad Pitt Visits Anguilla" Page.

#4) New Anguilla Books
Whenever we depart from the island,our bags are always a little heavier with new books about Anguilla.
Please click here to visit the "New Anguilla Books" Page.

#5) C-Breeze Inn
Right in the heart of Sandy Ground, courtesy of Sea Grape's captain Shaun Webster, we came across a fabulous, inexpensive Anguilla villa.
Please click here to visit the "C-Breeze Inn" Page.

I've been catching up with school since we've been home. For next issue, I'm preparing a 30 page round-the-island Anguilla Mansions Tour, all shot from the sea.

I want to go to film school after college. So I'm going to edit all the miles of film I shot. Not only did I shoot from our boat tour, my head was always sticking out of the jeep, filming when we were on dry land, too. People waved and laughed and one person said, "There's that girl who has that Web site."

Lots of really exciting adventures to come, including one where my Dad and I walked right along the edge of hundred foot cliffs!

What a thrill. I want to live in Anguilla!

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