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Anguilla Books, Updated


Have you ever noticed that the best books about any given place tend to be found while you are visiting that specific spot?

For example, we've found some of the most informative and useful books about Manhattan while actually in the Big Apple. Well...

The story isn't any different with Anguilla!

Anguilla has the best Anguilla books.

So, whenever we visit the island, our bags always come back a little heavier, and additions are made to our Anguilla library.

This page contains the newest books found while in Anguilla.

Naturally, it's always nice to have the books before you go. And the good news is that they can all be bought through the Internet.

Here we go...

anguilla books

Anguilla: Tranquillity Wrapped in Blue
By: Arif Ali (Editor)
Published 2004

The Anguilla Tourist Board commissioned this book. Edited by Arif Ali, many expert authors cover just about every facet of Anguilla. The ATB spent a great deal of time and money to produce this top-notch book.

This is not one of those free, glossy, tourist promos.

It's an outstanding book about Anguilla, one written by people who clearly know and love Anguilla...

  • superb recounting of Anguilla's history (Anguilla's Amerindian heritadge, all the way up to today's August boat races)
  • topics ranging from The National Song to Doing Business in Anguilla
  • Anguilla's Glorious Beachs (naturally!) to Sport in Anguilla and Passion on the High Seas
  • Even the birds and bees of Anguilla (Biodiversity, Anguilla in Blom and Birds of Anguilla).
  • ... and just about every other topic on Anguilla that you could imagine.

This book covers it all. Sensationally photographed, too. This is the best book about Anguilla we own.

Congratulations to the Anguilla Tourist Board!


Anguilla books

Anguilla: A Shorter Sleeved Way of Life
By: T.H. Patten
Published 2005

This book will bring back that warm Anguilla feeling when you read it.

T.H. Patten reminisces, while Jodi A. Rumble captured the essense of Anguilla through a camera lense.

A quick and easy read and a nice souvenir.

These two books sit upon our coffee table, waiting to comfort us when the winter weather in Montreal is too unbearable.