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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #049, October 8th 2009

Here we are, more than a whole month into life in New York City.

We have traced the most efficient routes home from school. Grocery shopping is down to an art. Textbooks are dog-eared and highlighted. Exams were last week, too. They are always a sure sign of being into the swing of things.

And, my Mom and Dad have even planned their next visit up. Halloween!

What an adjustment it has been... Moving from a tranquil island paradise, in the safety of our parents' nest, to being on our own in one of the most stimulating cities in the world is exciting, but a tad scary, too! Everyday, Yuki and I are feeling more and more at ease though, finding our place in this vast concrete jungle.

Between settling in, staying in, studying, going out and seeing the city, I had a couple of ideas for pages that relate to my experience in New York thus far...

Where is Anguilla?
I am not a native Anguillian, but when classmates ask, "Where are you from?" I always work Anguilla into the explanation! The invariable question is, "Where is Anguilla?" Now, instead of giving a loose description, I tell them to visit this wepbage! Click here to answer that timeless question, "Where is Anguilla?"

Beaches For Anguilla Lovers
Since we started vacationing in Anguilla, taking any other beach vacation never crossed our minds. Yes, we are spoiled! It only took 3 weeks of being away from Anguilla to want to be in the water again. So before our parents left us in New York, we begged, "Can we go to Montauk?" Even if it was not going to be all fine powdery sand and clear turquoise seas, I craved a swim in the sea. What a rewarding trip... Click here to read about my favorite beach town in Long Island. Surfing photos included! :-)

Despite the excitement of the city, and the comfort of new friends, I still miss the Caribbean. Click here to read what I miss most about Anguilla. That page struck a nerve, too. I asked readers of this e-zine what THEY missed about Anguilla. There were a ton of great replies. What happy reminders. Here are just a few...

If you miss something special about Anguilla, please share by clicking here to tell your own "I miss Anguilla" story.

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da'Vida Restaurant is our first corporate sponsor. I'm so proud, and really appreciate their support. By the way, all reviews are totally independent of ads. If our family doesn't like a spot, we don't write about it (like my Dad says, "if you don't have anything good to say, don't bother saying anything bad.") And if we don't love it, we won't advertise it.

Well, I guess it's back to the books, and when I have a second, making Halloween plans.

From Sleepy Hollow (upstate New York) to Blood Manor (a haunted house in the city), it's going to be a spooky month! I never missed the bite in the air, but feeling the City gear up for Halloween just would not be the same without the crisp breeze. We will see if it is still welcome one month from now. ;-)

Enjoy the colorful leaves & have a happy Halloween!


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