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The People, The Atmosphere, The Anguilla Beaches...

by Jo
(Melbourne, Australia)

My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in Anguilla this past March. We now have three stunning photos of Anguilla up on our bedroom wall. As beautiful as they are... I get all sad whenever I look at them!

The top 3 things I miss about Anguilla are:

3- The people. Anguillians are so friendly, welcoming, and easy going. Especially those at Lloyd's Guesthouse. They make you feel relaxed and happy!

2- The atmosphere of the whole island. It makes you feel like you can do anything you want to do, spend your days however you wish. The people help create this, along with the remote and dusty roads, the sun's warmth - and the goats on the island which do exactly as they please as well!

But the number one thing I miss about Anguilla - The Anguilla Beaches. The serenity of the white sand and turqoise waters, waking up in the morning and thinking "What beautiful beach will we go to today?", and simply the fact that they are stunningly beautiful.

These 3 things sum up Anguilla for me. Now, enough daydreaming I better get back to work :-(

Nori's Reply: I couldn't put it better, Jo! Anguila is a magical island. I would love to see these three photos, they must be so warming when you are far away from this little piece of paradise. The people, the atmosphere & the Anguilla beaches... Yep, that's all I need. I can't wait to get back.

I have heard wonderful things about Lloyd's Guesthouse! If you would like to share more on your stay at Lloyd's Guesthouse please click here. We would all love to know more about this special spot and see some pictures too! :-)

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