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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #053, June 21st 2010

One school year down, only two to go. That's right, it's summer!

It was an exciting and stimulating year in an unfamiliar city. It's one thing to vacation in New York, quite another to live there!

A year of exhausting exams and papers, a year that demanded we reset our internal thermometers to endure those grizzly winter months, a year where we learned to navigate Manhattan like a local.

Finally, Yuki and I are back in Anguilla. Tensions ease. Hearts slow down. We are home. How sweet it is to return to the land of the smiling sun, the softest of sandy beaches, and to the cozy comfort of our Mom and Dad.

I'm taking these weeks slow, stretching them out and savoring every second!

Landing back in Anguilla isn't the only recent happy happening...

Anguilla was included in ISLANDS Magazine's May edition. Meads Bay made the cut for their "Best Top Ten Summer Beaches" article, with a range in accommodations (Carimar Beach Club to Malliouhana), and some of our favorite dining options, including Straw Hat.

ISLANDS had asked me to provide the information for their article. It was an honor to later see my name and printed in the article! You can check out the ISLANDS Magazine mention of Meads Bay online too.

What's New On

#1) Anguilla Heritage Trail
Since we have been traveling to Anguilla in 2002, most Anguilla history has been learned through books, Wikipedia, or on a visit to Mr. Colville Petty's Heritage Collection Museum. All of the accounts were second hand. But now, with the Anguilla Heritage Trail, you can live Anguilla history!
Click here for more information on the Anguilla Heritage Trail.

#2) Ripe Anguilla Fruits & Vegetables
When it comes to Anguilla food, rarely do I have any complaints. Always fresh, succulent, rivaling the restaurants from our first home, gastronomie central Montreal, and our second home New York City, a city that knows how to eat! But... yes, there is a but... sometimes finding fresh vegetables on an arid island can be a troublesome task. That was, until we found our favorite organic fruit and vegetable stand.
Click here for more information on organic fruits and vegetables in Anguilla.

#3) Anguilla's Best Book Store
A good book store is something Anguilla has always lacked. But now, Dawn Reid, wife of the Deputy Governor Stanley Reid, has changed all of that. She stocks books of all kinds from best sellers to children books to unique Caribbean literature and Anguilla books that are otherwise hard to come by. In need of a good Caribbean read?
Click here for more information on this Anguilla book shop.

#4) New High-Value, Low-Cost Long Term Rental
There are many cheap Anguilla villa rental options, but finding the good ones can be a challenge. If you are thinking of living in Anguilla, this one is superb. Recently built with modern furnishings and your own pool, you can't go wrong. Click here to see more of these Anguilla rentals.

Stay tuned for special travel stories in July. Today marks the beginning of a week-long hiatus from the "wear and tear" of daily Anguilla life. Heh! Heh! We are prying my Dad away from his work and heading to Barbados and St. Lucia.

Before I leave, there is one last exciting piece of news to share...

Carimar Beach Club is offering killer deals for next winter! Their current rates will start increasing on November 16, but if you book now, between June 15-November 15 you are guaranteed current rates on bookings through March 31 2011. The best value hotel on Anguilla just got better!

Happy holiday planning all around!

See you next month,

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