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Issue #058, March 27th 2011

The afternoons are getting longer, these low temperatures are lifting. Is it safe to say that Spring is in the air?

Of course, we won't count last week's snow-slush storm, and this weekend's temperature plunges. ;-)

The weather has been up and down in NYC, but on the bright side, we have had several days over 65 degrees F (about 19 degrees C). Consistent warm weather is on the horizon, and Spring Break too!

Last year we spent Spring Break at home in Anguilla with our parents. We were ready to head home for a week with our Mom, Dad and our Anguilla puppies this year, until my Dad announced an exciting alternative...

Panama City.

"Panama City, as in Panama City, Florida?" We asked, curious about the proposition!

"Panama City, as in Panama City, Panama!"

My Dad explained that Copa Airlines has added a St. Maarten-Panama City flight, so the time is right to explore Central America!

Do you have any Panama City, Panama tips? I would love to hear any recommendations on restaurants and things to do. Please let me know at Facebook.

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While waiting for Spring, and for Panama, writing Anguilla stories have been keeping me warm!

Here is what's new since last time...

#1) Cote Mer: A New, Special Menu
One of our favorite Anguilla restaurants, Cote Mer, is now serving a classic French lobster recipe. Don't miss this delicious addition!
Click here to read about Cote Mer's mouth-watering new menu item.

#2) Anguilla Activities to Cross Off the Bucket List?
How about Anguilla horseback riding on the beach at sunset? It was a magical experience we will never forget.
Click here to read about sunset horseback riding in Anguilla.

#3) Tortue Villa Updates
Before we moved to Anguilla, Tortue Anguilla villa was our home away from home. We revisited our old favorite this January. Tortue's still got it!
Click here to see Tortue's updates.

#4) What's Your Favorite Anguilla Johnny Cake?
We have two favorite Anguilla Johnny Cakes. Veya's Johnny Cakes are a staple, an old favorite. Here is our other, new found favorite...
Click here for more on Anguilla Johnny Cakes.

And that's it for now. Mid-term exams this week. Back to the books.

Warmest regards,

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