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Anguilla Horseback Riding:
Anguilla Activities to Cross Off the Bucket List!


By: Louise Fayet

What's on your bucket list?

Snorkel with narwhals. Swim with sharks. Jump out of a plane (with a parachute).

What about horseback riding? What about Anguilla horseback riding? What about Anguilla horseback riding on the beach?...

Giddy Up!
anguilla seaside stables

Anguilla horseback riding has been on our Anguilla activities bucket list since the very first time we watched a couple ride along the beach, envy in our eyes.

We didn't know that Anguilla even had horses!

Welcome to Seaside Stables
anguilla seaside stables

The owner of this horse stable, Tonia moved to the Caribbean decades ago. Originally from England, Tonia has long been an avid rider. In 1994 she brought her passion to the island, and started Seaside Stables.

anguilla seaside stables

For years she was located in North Hill village above Katouche Bay. Today you can find Tonia and Seaside Stables at Cove Bay.

With a desire to finally experience the #1 Anguilla activity on our Anguilla bucket list, it was time to saddle up.

Saddling Up!

A little shaky, and nervous about the ride ahead, Tonia along with her daughter and son helped us mount our horses.

Isabel & Jasmin on Mario & Biscuit
anguilla seaside stables horses

If you haven't rode a horse, don't panic. Most of Tonia's guests are first-time riders. No cowboy experience necessary!

After getting used to our horses we were on our way to Cove Bay. Cove Bay is one of Anguilla's calmest and biggest beaches, making it a perfect spot for horseback riding.

Our Squad on Cove Bay
Jibri, Jasmin, Louise and Isabel anguilla seaside stables

We set a gentle pace down to the beach. The whole time we felt comfortable and secure.

Zoe, Tonia's eldest consistently looked back, checking, ensuring that all of us first-timers were relaxed and happy.

Riding on Cove Bay
anguilla seaside stables

We rode on down the beach, experiencing it from a new perspective, high in the saddle.

One of the most exciting parts? Most days while Anguilla horseback riding with Seaside Stables, the horses will head straight into the water for a refreshing swim.

anguilla horseback riding

Somedays Tonia's horses go right up to their ears, elevating their heads for air!

It's up to you if you want to go in the water, though.

Note: If you do want to get water-borne, Tonia advises to wear loose-fitting clothes that you don't mind getting wet. Also, be sure to secure your camera around your wrist and ensure that your pockets are zipped shut. She also offers fanny packs at the stable to hold your things.

anguilla horseback riding

Horseback riding down the beach is incredibly relaxing, the horses' pace and movements soothing.

There is something magical about the feeling. Riding on Cove Bay, so wide and pure, with Anguilla's sky above, expansive and clear... traveling by horse down the beach just feels right, so natural and timeless.

Tonia offers an hour long ride, or a 30 minute ride. For the 30 minute tour, you can cover all of Cove Bay. For the hour long ride, Tonia takes you over to Maunday's Bay as well. On Nori's hour long ride back in 2011, their horses went up and over the rough, volcanic sea-rock at the very tip of Cove Bay, before turning into Maunday's Bay. Now that made her Dad feel like John Wayne! ;-)

Maunday's Bay and Cap Juluca Vantage Point:
The End of the Anguilla Horseback Riding Trail (Tour in 2011)
anguilla horseback riding

After the beach ride, we made our way back to the stables.

Isabel Playing With The Horses
anguilla horseback riding

And fed the jolly horses some chopped carrots...

Jasmin Feeding Mario
anguilla horseback riding

With your family, or a loved one, Anguilla horseback is a breathtaking experience!

anguilla horseback riding

We thanked Tonia and her kids for kindly helping us cross our #1 Anguilla activitiy off of our bucket list. From the sky, to the sea, to the sand, to the horses themselves, it will forever be amongst our most magical memories.

Until Next Time!
anguilla horseback riding

Click here to reach Seaside Stables online

Reach Seaside Stables by Phone: 264 235 3667

Email: seasidestablesanguilla@gmail.com