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Special Issue: Only 1 Week Left...

Enter Your Dream Day in Anguilla Contest, brought to you by Carimar Beach Club, Straw Hat, da'Vida & Cote Mer!

The Anguilla contest is roaring into its last week. It has been a busy past two weeks!

I've published another 8 "Ultimate Days" in Anguilla, out of 20 more entries. Stories must be strong enough, with photos, to have a chance at this $2,000 value prize. Remember...

  1. Submissions must be (usually) at least 300 words
  2. Entries must include at least 1 photo (the more the merrier)
  3. It should be well written and a pleasure to read. :-)

Contest activity on Facebook has been red hot! More on that in a second.

If you haven't entered the Anguilla contest yet, here's how...

1. Go to Your Dream Day in Anguilla Contest.

2. Describe your "if-I could-only-ever-have-one-more-day-in-Anguilla" experience! You just may win your heart's desire...

Click here for more information on the Anguilla contest.

IMPORTANT TIP: After you enter...

Forward your contest entry to your friends and family. Let them know "Anguilla's at stake!" Ask them to click on the link to the Facebook announcement of your story (it's at bottom) and then to "Like" and/or Comment on it.

The easiest way to generate support is to post regularly to your Wall in Facebook. Here are more ideas..

1. Do you participate in travel or Anguilla forums regularly? Ask for their help!

2. How about your e-mail contacts?

The sky's the limit!

After the contest closes on June 18th (11:59:59 PM Eastern), there will be one more week of voting by way of Facebok Comments and Likes. This gives the late entries enough time to catch up and win!

Based on Facebook Comments and Likes, and the content of your story, we will be selecting the winner.

Those who don't enter can still participate...

See the stories published to date. They are particularly well written, with special snapshots. They are a joy to read.

"Like" and Comment on the ones that resonate with you the most by clicking on their Facebook announcements.

It's going to be a hot week!

Best of luck! :-)
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