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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #11, June 2003

Sorry this issue is late, but it's been "Study, study, study!" Luckily, exams are over. Now it's summer! And time for a family vacation -- no, not to Anguilla, but to beautiful Nova Scotia (Canada's eastern coast).

This issue features five new Web pages. Between studying, exams and vacations, I'll be sending the next issue of Anguilla Beach Lovers in early August, for the month of July.

New for this month...

1) Anguilla Art
Anguilla is home to many fascinating galleries. On just about every turn of the road, you'll see a sign for a studio. Anguilla pictures, photos and beautiful art abound.
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2) The Only Anguilla Restaurant Out On A Ledge
This Anguilla Restaurant is REALLY out on a ledge! A picturesque view with world-class meals! Don't overlook The Overlook!
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3) St. Martin Return '03
We love Anguilla. But one of our favorite day trips is leaving the British West Indies for the French Riviera. Yes, St. Martin is only minutes away!
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4) Exotic Anguilla T-Shirts
I'll admit it. Anguilla is almost shop-free. But the ones you find are definitely funky and fun. Here is the best Anguilla t-shirt store!
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5) Anguilla Villas Are The Way To Go
When it comes to vacationing on Anguilla, my family and I prefer Anguilla villas. Great value, independance and you feel right at home. Here are some pictures of the one that we stayed at, in March, 2003.
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There they are for this month! Have a great summer, and see you in August!

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