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The Only One Of All
Anguilla Restaurants
Out On A Ledge!


Update: The Overlook has closed.

Most of our favorite Anguilla restaurants are right on the beach or have a superb view of one! While the OverLook Restaurant is not on the beach, it has the most magnificent view of any restaurant in Anguilla.

Which leads me to tell you why we were a little disappointed after our first two visits to Anguilla. Someone, we never got to eat at The Overlook. Each time our car cruised by (which was often -- my Dad always chooses the slower, scenic route), this colorful restaurant beckoned. But it was either closed (Deon leaves for Cape Cod in the summer!) or we had already eaten!

Luckily, during our third trip, we made a point of not forgetting!

We Were Eating At The Overlook...
OverLook Restaurant Sign

As soon as we were seated in their spectacular, vibrantly colored dining room, we felt "warm-at-home." And the view out the windows was spectacular. We were excited, happy... and hungry!

OverLook Restaurant Anguilla

The tropical breeze swished through the room, refreshing us, while we checked out the menu. My sister and I love fish and chips and Deon promised us he makes the best on the island (sure, that's what they all say -- little did I know he was right!).

Orders out of the way, it was now time to daydream out the window at the breathtaking blue!

The village of Sandy Ground looked so quaint from up high! And, the light blue harbour offset the dusty hills wonderfully.

Sandy Ground Anguilla view

It's the perfect place for a restaurant! Gentle trade winds, a bright friendly room, a charming cook who struck up a conversation with us, and the perfect panorama! Oh yes...

The fish and chips were indeed excellent! Crispy batter, tender fish (red snapper!), and a whole mouthful of unique, delicious flavors (Deon spices the batter)!

Just before we left, we were able to have another "quick" (my Dad's sort of "quick", in other words not quick at all), chat with Deon, the chef.

Mom and Deon OverLook

He told us a bit about what had become one of our favorite Anguilla restaurants, and then about his other one out in Martha's Vineyard! (Cape Cod! Another one of our favorite places... Boy, he sure has a hard life!).

We continued chatting about different things. He's a very interesting fellow, and he makes you feel right at home, slightly shy himself and with the nicest smile.

Our recommendation? One of the best spots to eat on the island... at any price (and it's quite reasonable). If you have to choose between the two Anguilla Restaurants on this stretch of scenic road, Flavor's or The Overlook, no contest...

Choose The Overlook. Not only is the food and location outstanding (Flavor's is on the other side of the road), but Deon is a fun person to chat with! And when will you ever get to eat on the ledge of a cliff again?

Don't overlook the OverLook.

If you go, say hello for me! I really liked Deon.

Update: Deon's is one of our favorites for breakfast, too!