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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #17, February 7, 2004

Three words: Winter is cold. The temperatures here in Montreal have been abominable (-20 to -30) lately. We've all been freezing and just waiting for the calendar to switch to June.

However, my family and I are not just waiting for that. We are getting riled up and ready for our vacation to Anguilla at the end of this month!

My Dad has been busy arranging an around-the-island boat tour, so I'll have some great photos for you. Also, I hope to tell you about an in-villa Anguillian BBQ service that Claire Devener, publisher of Anguilla Life, told us about. We're going to do that! A day trip to St. Barts, too!

I can hardly wait!

Exams are over, so I've managed to pull together four new pages. Here they are...

#1) Koal Keel Part 2
We talked about the yummy, historic Anguilla bakery Koal Keel on our first visit. Here's an update.
Please click here to visit the "Koal Keel Update" Page.

#2) Nico's
Neat 'n' nice 'n near the airport, Nico's is a true, local and tasty Anguilla restaurant. A great place to stop anytime, but especially after you drop your bags off at AXA.
Please click here to visit the "Neat 'n' Nice Nico's" Page.

#3) Ellen Sag Sends In
Visitor to, Ellen Sag ("Sag" is her pen name on an Anguilla forum) from Sag Harbor, New York, sends us her favorite spots from her recent vacation, and some sensational photos. Thank you so much, Ellen, for taking the time to spread your joy to everyone. I wish I was there, already!
Please click here to visit the "Ellen Sag Anguilla Favorites" Page.

#4) Oliver's Seaside Grill
Oliver's... there's only one word to describe this Anguilla restaurant: Perfection. Of all the high-end Anguilla restaurants, it's our family's favorite.
Please click here to visit "Oliver's Seaside Grill" Page.

That's all for this month. I'll spend the rest of it working, studying, and trying to keep warm, until eleven days of utter Anguillian fun and relaxation. Hope you're warm too! See you next time, just before we leave!

Please click here to visit Anguilla Beaches Home Page...

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