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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #23, November 2004

Yes that's right, it says November up there. As in November-r-r-r-r, the most brutal Montreal month of the year.

It will be a while before we see green grass and feel warm sun on our faces again. When Halloween is over and the last leaves have fallen, this family knows that the next warmth we'll see is...

Anguilla! :-)

Four new pages this month, and here they are...

#1) Anguilla Weddings and Honeymoon:
Anguilla Wins NBC's "Romance Contest"!

What could be better than honeymooning or being wed on this island? NBC couldn't come up with a better answer than Anguilla!
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Honeymoons and Weddings" Page.

#2) Anguilla Topless Beaches
Feeling the need to go "au naturel" on a sensational Caribbean beach?...
Please click here to visit the "Topless Beach" Page.

#3) All Inclusive on Anguilla
People search for Anguilla all inclusive vacation packages. Here's what I (didn't) find...
Please click here to visit the "All Inclusive" Page.

#4) Anguilla News and Newspapers
Whether you're on the island or off, this article has Anguilla news and newspapers covered.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla News and Newspapers" Page.

That's it for October. A cold, grey Montreal November looms. If you live in a tropical climate, enjoy it twice as much as you normally would - once for you, and once for me. I'll be depending on it! :-)

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