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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #24, December 2004

The holidays have crept up on me so quickly. Christmas is coming, there's shopping to be done, and there's excitement and fun in the air (even though the air is cold). But exams are approaching, so those evil textbooks await me.

And just so we don't enjoy the holiday season too much, the school puts exams after the holidays! Ugh.

But the best news of all? We're booking our Anguilla vacation this week! :-)

Here's four new pages, plus an updated one this month...

#1) The #1 Anguilla Restaurant Challenge
Finding fine Anguilla dining? No problem. Finding a great Anguilla breakfast? That's a tough challenge.
Please click here to visit our choice for "Best Anguilla Breakfast."

#2) A Tale of Two Restaurants
Cap Juluca is widely regarded as one of the Caribbean's finest resorts. Did you know that one of its restaurants challenges for our "award" of "Best Anguilla Pizza?" While in quest of that pizza, we inadvertently ended up trying both Pimms and Kemia.
Please click here to visit the "Tale of Two Restaurants" Page.

#3) Looking for Land?
Anguilla land is getting hot... and I am not talking about the climate. Prices and popularity are rising!
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Land" page, and update on the real estate situation in Anguilla.

#4) Anguilla Rums
C.J. Planter, Pyrat, and mystical powers... they all relate somehow to Anguilla rums. The question is how?
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Rums" Page.

#5) Anguilla Weddings
Since writing about this page, I've received some wonderful stories.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Weddings" Page.

And now we prepare for the festive month of December. The holiday season always makes the first month of winter in Canada bearable. But after that... we count down the days to our Anguilla vacation.

And, speaking of the upcoming holidays... don't forget that my Anguilla keychain makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the Anguilla lover in your family... or for yourself! <Hint, hint.>

And Lynne Bernbaum and Cheddie Richardson both offer some beautiful creations that would make wonderful presents. My Dad loves looking at the bronze casting of that Turtle from Cheddie and Lynne's artwork gives us that warm Anguilla feeling.

So, take care. Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noel. Happy Hanukkah. Buon Natale. Happy Holidays.

See you next month.

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