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Looking For Anguilla Land?


A gigantic mansion grabs a third of Captain's Bay. Anguilla land, gone...

Anguilla land

The mansion is astounding (the rumor is that John Kerry's daughter owns it). But this gigantic house overwhelms the tiny crescent beach. It's "deserted beach" character is gone. And of course any other land on that beach is now unaffordable.

(Naturally, the price for this "piece of Anguilla land" is sky-high.
But Brad Pitt and Jennifer can afford it).

Cocoloba Resort has been bought and is chewing up more Anguilla land, another big chunk of my personal favorite beach (land my Dad had hoped might one day come up for sale)... Barnes Bay. They plan to demolish Cocoloba and build a super-resort, leaving no room on Barnes Bay.

"Anguilla land for sale" -- you do not seem to see that sign all over the place. But somehow, Anguilla property is disappearing at a faster clip. And my Dad says that prices have been rising quickly.

A smaller example... My Dad's friend, (Doug Burdon, the man with the villa on Barnes Bay), is heading down to Anguilla for six months. He has ideas of relaxation, slowing right down... and of course, finding Anguilla land!

Yup, after leasing that villa on Barnes Bay for a couple of years, he's on the hunt. I know because he has armed himself with my Anguilla real estate tour... 30+ pages in all.

Are we jealous? Of course.

Unfortunately, my own Dad is so busy with his online e-commerce company that he simply has no time. Since you must build your house within 18 months of buying, and since you really should be on hand to oversee construction, our own "Anguilla land hunt" is in limbo.

Each passing moment that we're not looking, our Anguilla land is at risk of passing into someone else's hands. Jackie Pascher, our favorite Anguilla real estate agent, tells us that she recently sold a wonderful 3/4 acres just past the Western end of Shoal Bay East, another area that my Dad loves.

Maybe I'm panicking a bit. There is still lots (if you excuse the pun!) of Anguilla land available...

Anguilla land

But the prices are rising fast. My Dad says that it is still cheap compared to most other Caribbean real estate, but less of a bargain than it was.

All I know is, Dad...

Anguilla land is being gobbled up. Time to start looking?

Dad's Reply: If I'm not retired in a couple of years, I know just the person to send down to Anguilla to buy and build on our perfect little piece of Anguilla land!

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