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Anguilla Land Rumors...
Captain's Bay


Jan/2005 Update:

Anguilla-Beaches.com visitor Susanne Thevenet, from Virginia, U.S.A., wrote to update me on "the rumor of Captain's Bay"...

The owner of the HUGE villa at Captains Bay is former U.S. Senator Edward Brooke, who is in his 80's. His wife, Anne Fleming, who is in her 50's, is the daughter of a multimillionaire who lives in St. Martin. They have a son, Edward III, who is about 20. I got this from Eudoxie Wallace, who owns Scilly Cay restaurant.

The Captains Bay property was rented out last Xmas (2003) for $70,000 for the week to someone who made a fortune in aviation. THis from the wife of the couple that owns Le Bon Pan in ISland Harbor (Philippe, the husband, did the baking for the party).

I enjoy your "zine," Nori.

Susanne Thevenet
Arlington, VA

On a fact-checking mission for this interesting twist, I wrote to Jackie Pascher (our real estate agent) for confirmation. She wrote back...

Hi Nori,

This is mostly correct information. The villa is actually owned by Senator Brooks' daughter, Ramie, although it is entirely possible that "Mom & Dad" contributed funds to the project.

Happy New Year,

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More Info: See Brad Pitt Web page

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