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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #26, February 24th 2005

Our family takes an annual trip to New York City in mid October. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, life is beautiful!

But once we return, we slide down a slippery slope. First we must deal with the dull grey of November, quickly followed by an abundance of white guck - also known as snow. While I do admit that the first fall is breathtaking, it grows tiresome... fast!

So, right now? We're on that breaking point - we will do anything to escape the cold winter of Montreal. Even if it means leaving for the airport at 3AM - we're up for it! And it'll be all worth it!

Since last issue, here are the new pages...

#1) Anguilla Life Article 2005
The very first time Claire Devener from Anguilla Life asked me to write for her magazine, I was honored. And what a super-honor to write again, this time for Anguilla Life's 2005 Winter edition.
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Article 2005" Page.

#2) Steve Cohen's Tips and Tidbits
A frequent visitor to Anguilla, my Dad calls Mr. Steve Cohen the only person who e-mails jokes that he actually reads! You may remember him as the person who "discovered" Anguilla's Stonehenge. And now, he shares his 2005 Anguilla experiences with you. Thank you very much, Mr. Cohen.
Please click here to visit the "Steve Cohen's 2005 Update" Page.

#3) Anguilla Car Rental
Interested in renting a car on Anguilla? Good news! Island Car Rentals have modified their rates. Here they are.
Please click here to visit the "Island Car Rental" Page.

#4) Anguilla Condominiums
Looking for an alternative to Anguilla villas and hotels? Anguilla condominiums are up and coming. I'll be investigating this interesting scene -- my Dad sure likes the idea of being right on a sandy beach!
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Condominiums" Page.

#5) Honeymooning on Anguilla
Getting married in Anguilla? Have you ever honeymooned there? The first page I did on this is "full." So I've started a second one, just for your special Anguilla wedding and honeymoon stories.
Please click here to visit the "Honeymoon and Wedding Stories" Page.

#6) Want to learn about Anguilla?
David Letterman shares his top ten list with viewers, daily. So, I thought I'd borrow his concept - here's my top five ways to learn about Anguilla.
Please click here to learn about Anguilla.

#7) RSS
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Well, that's it for me. We leave in 3 hours for the plane. When I come back, I'll have lots of new exciting adventures! And wait until you see some of the ideas my Dad and I have been working on. Wow! :-)

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