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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #031, January 6th 2005

I made it! School's over. Papers have been handed in. Exams have been written.

I survived.

Five weeks off. Christmas baking, cooking and shopping! And! It's fun to get back on the site, and it reminds me that "Anguilla March" is just around the corner.

Here are the new Web pages since I last wrote to you...

#1) Our Favorite Anguilla Resort Restaurant
My family and I generally try to avoid "hotel restaurants." But this one is a definite exception!
Click here for my family's favorite Anguilla resort restaurant.

#2) The Best Anguilla Breakfast
Anguilla restaurants, in general, don't do breakfast well. But this one is a winner, THE winner actually!
Click here to read all about the best Anguilla breakfast.

#3) Anguilla Real Estate Sale: Securing Outline Planning Permission
My Dad's ongoing journal about buying and building in Anguilla.
Click here to read more about this next installment.

#4) A Deadly Hike on Anguilla
My Dad is ridiculously adventurous, risking life and limb. However, he usually goes on his crazy excursions alone. This time, my Mom, sister and I, are involved.
Click here to read more about our "deadly" hike on Anguilla.

#5) It's New! It's Ku!
Take the best spot on the best beach in the Caribbean, Shoal Bay East. Spiff up a perfect-but-aging hotel that sits in that exact spot. What do you get?... Perfection!
Click here to read more about this great new hotel.

#6) My Family's Favorite Beaches
Anguilla offers the world's-best beaches. But, recently, our family did a little scrapbook-reminiscing and picked our favorite 10 non-Anguilla beaches.
Click here for our Top 10.

So that's all for now!

Happy New Year. While it's cold and white here in Montreal, we're only two months away from Anguilla. If you see us on a beach, say hello!

I hope you have a happy, safe and warm New Year.


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