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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #040, September 21st 2008

Well, those hot summer days sure are coming to a cool finish here in Montreal.

The leaves haven't turned yet, but the cold weather is coming. There is already a bite in the air!

Lucky for my Mom, Dad and sister... They're in Anguilla now, no fall, winter or remotely icey weather for them! Yep, my Dad and sister packed up at the beginning of August. My Mom followed a month later in September.

It's definitely been interesting, adjusting to life without my family... without home-made meals, folded laundry, and tidy living! Not that I haven't been cooking or cleaning, or anything... Shhhh...

Anyways, it won't be long now until I'm home with my family in Anguilla! How weird does that sound?!

I will keep you posted until my move date in December...

1) A Night Out In Anguilla

This past March my Dad's faithful crew of kind builders, my Dad, and I all went out for an evening of eating, drinking and dancing together! The night began with a lovely Caribbean meal at Christobelle's Canteen and finished at the ever so popular Pump House in Sandy Ground.

2) Caribella Caribbean Villas

On the same trip, my Dad and I returned to stay on Barnes Bay, for the first time in a long time. We stayed on Barnes Bay on our very first trips to Anguilla, but hadn't stayed on my personal favorite Anguilla beach, since!

Click here to read about the wonderful accommodations.

3) Cote de Mer

One of the defining characteristics of a St. Martin day trip is the exquisite dining. But what happens when I find my favorite French meal on Anguilla?...

Click here for a taste of St. Martin dining on Anguilla.

4) Dad's Building Journal... Electricity

Anguilla Electrician, Freddie, lays down the electrical work on our soon-to-be home! The house has come a long way since this journal entry... We should be able to unload and settle in as early as October or November now! Where are the updates, huh Dad? Ahem! ;-)

Click here to

5) Anguilla Photos

My Mom, Dad and sister are leasing the villa we stayed in on our first trip to Anguilla in the mean time, waiting for the house to be all finished. You can see some more photos of the home-to-be, and photos of my sister going to her first day of school in St. Martin by clicking on the link below. You can also post your favorite Anguilla photos there too, I'd love to see them!

Click here to see and share.

That's all for now!

Soon enough school will come to a close... This semester I'm catching up, taking courses I need to switch out of Communication Studies and into Business. They will all be done by December, just in time for me to move back with my family in Anguilla! After that? Onto Business school, hopefully in the States next September.

There is so much to come! There's a lot of work ahead, but for now I'll just take it one day at a time!

Hope you're doing well, enjoying these brisk, fall days. :-)

Take care,


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