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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #050, November 30th 2009

We are down to the last day in November. Can you believe it?

The school semester is nearly over, Bryant Park is in full Christmas spirit, Rockefeller Center is open for skating. The temperatures have dropped too, but this 50°F weather doesn't scare me! I'm from Quebec where 40°F days are considered "warm." Growing up in one of the coldest climates on the East coast sure had its advantages. ;-)

With Christmas on the horizon, I am counting down the days until Yuki and I head "home." I have been salivating at the thought of Geraud's tuna sandwiches, dreaming of long beach days at da'Vida, and peaceful seaside dining at Trattoria Tramonto.

I have been reading your "I Miss Anguilla" stories, getting ideas for things to do during the break. They are so much fun for everyone to read! Hammocks at Gwen's is definitely going on the list.

It's not long now...

Of course, before all of that sunshine come term papers and final exams. Thinking of Anguilla is one of the only things keeping our brains from exploding!

What's New...

#1) Best Caribbean Restaurants: Adding to Perfection
This is at the top of the "To Do" list upon setting foot on Anguillian soil. My favorite Caribbean restaurant has completed their beach bar (in record time I might add!). My parents had the pleasure of attending the opening. I attended too, in spirit. He he!
Click here to read more about this quintessential Caribbean beach bar.

#2) My Parents' Luxury Anguilla Vacation Away From... Anguilla?
Just when Yuki and I head North for university, that's when my Mom and Dad decide to start the pampering! Even though they live in Anguilla, my Dad needed a break from work. They took a day and night off and recharged in this spectacular villa. My sister and I had a little (big) case of the green-eyed monster when we saw the photos from their stay! Truly, a heavenly villa on the best beach in the Caribbean.
Click here to read about their luxurious stay.

Well, it's back to the books now. Just a couple more weeks of torture and then we will really be Anguilla bound and back into a steady rhythm of reporting Anguilla news. If you have any Anguilla news stories or Anguilla travel stories, please click here to share them. If there is anything an Anguilla lover loves more than Anguilla, it's a warm Anguilla travel story.

And, I hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October and it doesn't get much attention. It was fun to be part of a bigger celebration this year! So many New York restaurants had succulent turkey dinners, and you can't forget the outrageous sales for Black Friday. What a holiday!

Stay warm,

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