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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #054, July 20th 2010

Who knew seven weeks could be so short?

Time at home in Anguilla has come and gone. Already, I'm saying good-bye to the beaches, the restaurants, and hardest of all, I'm saying good-bye to my Mom, Dad and, this time, Yuki too.

Today I am traveling to New York alone before continuing on to Vancouver. It's time to kick summer from laid back into "high gear!"

No more da'Vida beach days, lazy afternoons by the pool, staying up late and sleeping in 'till noon.

I will be "out West" for the next three weeks taking part in an Earthwatch expedition examining California Grey Whales. The expedition is taking place on a tiny island off of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The days start at 6:30 AM and end at 7:00 PM. In between? We will be at sea looking for whales, on kayaks searching for more sea life, and having some "down time" of hiking or surfing.

Between now and then, I won't have my computer or much Internet access. So, until next time, here is what's new in Anguilla...

#1) St. Lucia Vacation
During our time at home in Anguilla, we took the opportunity of living in the Caribbean to explore beyond our boundaries. This time? St. Lucia!

#2) The New Cote Mer
This picturesque French eatery in Island Harbour has recently changed hands. Today, it is owned by two Frenchmen who moved to Anguilla from Russia where they were known for their world-class cuisine. My parents quickly became "regulars" when they opened. And after a few weeks at home? Cote Mer is now a family obsession. Don't miss Cote Mer on your next Anguilla vacation!
Click here to read about The New Cote Mer, one of our Top 3 Favorite Anguilla Restaurants

#3) Sotheby's Anguilla Real Estate: Meeting Scott Hauser
Scott Hauser is a name we have heard over and over since our early days traveling to Anguilla. Finally we met him, the man behind Sotheby's Anguilla real estate and the charming Anguilla art gallery, all housed in the completely renovated Historic Old Factory.
Click here for more information about Sotheby's Anguilla real estate and art gallery and Scott Hauser

#4) Anguilla Airport Update
For as long as everyone can remember, the Anguilla airport has been known as Wallblake Airport. It was named after an Anguilla plantation owner. July 4 2010 marks a new era, a new Anguilla airport name.
Click here to read the Anguilla airport update.

That is all until the middle of August when I return to NYC to get ready for another semester of school. Don't remind me! ;-)

There is still so much to cover before school begins again, so stay tuned for more Anguilla updates including reviews of Sand Bar, Viceroy's Sunset Lounge and a report about our trip to Barbados.

It's been raining for the past few days, thanks to a huge tropical depression. The forecast for today is cold and rainy too. Perfect preparation for life on the Canadian West coast. Ha ha!

Wherever you are, I hope it's sunny and warm!

See you next month,

P.S. A special "Hi" to everybody who pops over to say hello to my family and me at restaurants and various other spots on Anguilla. It really is a treat to know that you enjoy Anguilla-Beaches. Hope to see you there during our six weeks at Christmas!

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