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Special Issue: Update on The Carimar Beach Club, with Straw Hat, da'Vida & Cote Mer, Anguilla-Beaches Contest: Your Dream Day in Anguilla!

The summer sun sure is strong here in Anguilla! A heat wave has us reaching 90 degrees (32°C) most days since we arrived earlier this week.

It is great to be back on the beach with my parents and our puppies after a busy semester up North. And it was fun to see friends again at Wings Night (at Ferryboat Inn).

This week has been mostly decompressing and "adjusting." I will be home for the rest of the summer, so watch out for many updates and new pages, including a month-by-month Anguilla activity guide.

In the meantime...

The Anguilla contest is going strong! We have had over 25 entries in this first week alone!

I have only been able to publish a third of the stories that were submitted. The others were either too short or didn't include a photo.

The prize is valued at over $2,000!...

For a prize of such high value, here are 3 guidelines to remember...

  1. Submissions must be (usually) at least 300 words
  2. Entries must include at least 1 photo (the more the merrier)
  3. It should be well written and a pleasure to read. :-)

Click here to see the stories published to date. They are so much fun to read!

If a Dream Day resonates with you especially strongly, please help that person win by clicking through to the Facebook announcement (each story has an announcement at the end of it). Simply Like and/or Comment on it.

For Those Who Have Entered...
If you see your entry, ask your friends, colleagues, family, and everyone else you know to vote for you by clicking through to your Facebook announcement to Like and/or Comment.

If you don't see your entry, please re-upload your submission with 1-4 photos or expand upon your story. Really take us inside your Dream Day in Anguilla to increase your chances of winning!

For more information on the contest please click here.

Click here to enter Your Dream Day in Anguilla Contest.

The deadline is June 18th 11:59 PM EST... only 2 weeks left!

Best of luck! :-)

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