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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #037, March 16th 2007

Only five more days till spring!

Can you believe it?

Just last week Montreal sidewalks were covered in snow.

If you were to look at downtown Montreal today, you would think it's summer. Sun shining, snow melted... How deceiving! You wouldn't make it two steps down a block without a winter parka. Brrr, it's still that cold.

And knowing Montreal's arctic climate, it will probably just get colder as springs nears.


At least it's my favorite time of the year again!

Yep, my Mom and I are flying out to Anguilla in less than 24 hours for my spring break. My Dad and sister beat us there... Yuki has an extra week of vacation so they've been resting and relaxing on Rendezvous Bay for a week now. This year we're staying at CuisinArt! My Dad and sister are in love with the resort and are having a fantastic time! Except...

Well, they called the other day to complain about their sunburns, but I couldn't really sympathize. I mean, I would rather suffer from sunburn than hypothermia!

Anyway, here's what I have been working on...

1) ...And The Mystery Unravels On An Anguilla Drive

The mountains on Katouche Bay's western end, have always been a mystery. So dense! So dark! Straight from a Brothers Grimm fairytale. But one afternoon, on an Anguilla drive, this mystery was solved.

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2) Jay-Z and Beyonce's Anguilla Wedding?

Is Jay-Z, the King of Rap, back on Anguilla with girlfriend Beyonce, this time to wed?

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3) Justin Timberlake... Anguilla, My Love.

Anguilla is growing in popularity in media and pop culture! It's even mentioned in Justin Timberlake's song My Love.

Click here to visit this page.

4) A Simple and Serene Anguilla Resort

Looking for a sweet, serene, yet simple Anguilla resort?

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5) Lazy Days By Shoal Bay Villas

Of all the Anguilla hotels on Shoal Bay Beach, we had always overlooked this attractive one...

Click here to read...

Which reminds me...

I've spent the last little while putting together an Anguilla Hotel Directory, and it's officially ready to go!

So if you're in search of an Anguilla hotel, just browse through the hotel listings beach-by-beach, read the reviews and you'll be all set to make a reservation.

Also, once you're on Anguilla be sure to use this new and improved Anguilla Map!

You can download it as a PDF and then print & bind it. I did it for my Dad to bring on vacation this year. He's been using it on his adventures, dragging my sister down every dirt path and secret trail.

I can't wait to join them!

School has certainly been demanding lately. I'm in my last year of college (CEGEP in Quebec), moving onto university next year! Teachers have been piling on the work, that's for sure.

Just 24 hours to go to sun, snooze and no homework.

Ah, bliss!

Hope you're keeping warm. :-)

Take care,


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