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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #043, April 28th 2009

Up, up and away!

Tomorrow morning we will be high in the sky. No, we aren't heading on vacation to Anguilla. We live here now, in our home. The interior is complete, just waiting for the pool tiles now! We even have some palms planted. No more "countdown of days" until we have to go back to Montreal. Instead...

We're en route to St. Barth's!

One of the top items on our list of "Things To Do Once Living in the Caribbean" is "travel to other Caribbean islands." "Work less" and "sleep more" doesn't seem to be working out for my parents (yet!).

But we haven't gone beyond St. Martin/Sint Maarten so far. So this will be an exciting trip... a much needed break from the "hustle and bustle" of Anguilla! Ha ha!

Anyway, we are all leaving our computers behind so I wanted to say au revoir before flying away on a petite prop plane. I understand the landing into St. Barth's is rather special.

What's going on with Anguilla-Beaches.Com?

At last! The new look & feel is complete. Please take a look. You will see a brand new design. It's taken a while for me to learn how to do this and to design it. And I'm still in the process of converting all of the pages over, so you will still stumble upon pages with the old look. They will be history soon!

Along with the new design, you will find a bottom navigation, including links to my "About Me" page and my "Contact Me" page. There is a contact form on my "Contact Me" page, but the best way to reach me is through my AnguillaBeaches Twitter account...

I'd love to hear what you think about the new look. I'm all ears for any ideas to make it better, more useful, etc. It's the first really big overhaul since I started the site in 2002.

In between re-designing and converting the site (over 700 pages to change!), I wrote a few stories...

#1) Camping on Scrub Island
In my last e-zine, Anguilla-Beaches.Com reader Kevin talked about his visit to Scrub Island. I so envied his Scrub Island adventure! The island has intrigued us for years now. Finally, we got a chance to not only step foot on Scrub and hike around, but sleep over too! Click here to read the full story.

#2) Pirate Ships on Anguilla?
Ships of all shapes and sizes visit Anguilla daily. Luxury yachts, schooners and dinghies can all be found docked in Road Bay. The mega yachts always attract attention, but I have yet to see a ship as spooky and enticing as the "pirate ship" that spent a weekend in Sandy Ground. Coincidentally, though, I had already seen it in harbor in Lunenberg, Canada. Click here to find out more about this mystery ship.

#3) Cap Juluca: 2010
For fifteen years Cap Juluca was the #1 resort in not only Anguilla, but the Caribbean. The resort was the ultimate in luxury, but in recent years its reputation has been slipping. Now, Cap Juluca has undergone a $22 million renovation. A kind host, Tamara Gumbs, took us on a wonderful tour of the refurbished resort... Click here for my report on the soon-to-be-ultimate Anguilla luxury resort.

There were also many more wonderful Anguilla stories shared by Anguilla lovers!...

#1) Cove Castles
Ellen from Las Vegas coincidentally wrote about a restaurant that my Dad has been dying to try. It sounds so desirable, luxurious, with prices that are not as high as one might expect. We will be visiting soon, thanks to Ellen for a well told story and a push on my Dad!

#2) Elvis'
Elvis' is one of my favorite beach bars. Located on Sandy Ground, at least twice a week my friends and I venture down to the local fishing village and spend a few lazy hours listening to reggae and drinking rum punches. Even though going down to Elvis' is a habit, I never wrote about it! Leslie Bunch beat me to the punch with this great review about this cool bar.

#3) English Rose
We have driven past this spot in the Valley at least a hundred times. Why haven't we ever stopped and had a bite? Clayton from New Jersey shared a lovely account about it... good, cheap food and entertainment, too. One night we'll switch it up.. I'm not sure about the karaoke, though!

#4) Two Readers Duel It Out... CuisinArt Vs. Cap Juluca
Click here to read a CuisinArt review. Then here to read one about Cap Juluca. They are both magical, whimsical stories.

#5) Favorite Beaches Worldwide
There were a few stories about the best beaches worldwide. They are always fun and exciting to read!
Patrick, La Jolla Shores.
Lois, Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach.
Jerry, La Playuela Beach

Thank you to all who share your wonderful stories with all of us! It's so generous of you to take the time. And I'm sure that I am not the only one who looks forward to them. They are such a joy to read. And if you do read a story or two above, please take a minute to add a comment. And..

To share your own stories, whether a wacky misadventure, a great restaurant experience, your favorite dive site, or whatever has been magical for you here, please click here and let us all know. I'll report them all in the next issue, which I will now make at least monthly.

That's all for now! I'll talk to you when I get back with a full report on St. Barth's and about a new boat charter that will be taking us to St. Maarten to catch our flight... at half the price of the service we used to use. This is the same boat that takes Yuki and her schoolmates over to St. Maarten everyday for 8:30 A.M.! We are going to give them a whirl... If they can take care of 7 year olds, I'm sure we are in good hands! ;-)

Have a great week, keep in touch and talk soon,

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