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La Jolla Shores

by Patrick MCKelvey
(Mishawaka, Indiana)

(Photo Credit: http://www.timeoutofmind.com/)

(Photo Credit: http://www.timeoutofmind.com/)

Although La Jolla (California) may not have been my favorite swim spot, the seal rookery is amazing. The fact that the seals have taken over the Childrens Pool (a swimming area originally designed for families) for themselves gives people a unique opportunity to see the beautiful California Harbor Seals as part of nature.

With their playful attitude and their accesibility for viewing, if you're in the San Diego, CA area it would be tragic to not take the time to see this spectacular nature spot.

It is a rocky shore area with beautiful coastal waters, tide pools and of course the home to about 200 seals. I hope you are as impressed as I was with La Jolla. Kayakers, swimmers and divers as well as just on lookers will enjoy it. Also the California Gray Whale can often bee seen in this area during migratory times.

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much for the tip, Patrick. I have always been amazed by sea life (Yuki is less enthusiastic about marine life - she has a fear of whales if you can imagine that!). I searched for a photo to upload... I just had to see what this spot looked like! It sure is a beautiful part of the world. What do divers typically see in these waters?

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