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Anguilla Memories

by Kevin
(San Jose CA USA)

Irad's food (we love Hungry's)...

But our best memory ever was a lost day on Scrub island with my son as we walked around and saw the plane crash and abandoned hotel. It was our island (except for the goats) for a day.

Nori's Reply: Yes, indeed, Kevin... Hungry's is a favorite Anguilla restaurant of our family's, too. Cheddie's Klassik is another fantastic, inexpensive restaurant, by the way.

But back to Scrub...

For the longest time, we had never visited Scrub Island. We did come very close to it during our boat tour around the island (Sea Grape has since stopped offering this tour). My Dad even swum to it from the boat, just to say that he had been on the island!

This was the only photo we had of it, taken from the top of Windward Point...

Scrub Island Anguilla

Finally, the day came. We did not just explore it. We stayed the night! Here is our "Scrub story."

For those who like to get off the beaten path, this is a special experience. Put the whole day aside for it and book with the Gotcha folks, who'll be glad to take you out.

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