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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #045, June 19th 2009

Summer in Anguilla. It's an entirely different experience.

Great deals on hotels and villas. No need to make reservations at restaurants. Even though Anguilla is never busy, it slows down to a whole new level of "laid back." It's hot and getting hotter, so the ocean and sailing beckon stronger than ever. In short...

It is a great time to travel to Anguilla.

Late in May, Anguilla just quiets right down.

June has been so peaceful. Some afternoons you even have Shoal Bay virtually to yourself.

And here's something that most visitors don't realize. Restaurants and bars haven't closed yet, so going out is still an option (they start closing in mid-August, after Carnival and start re-opening in October).

What about those deals on hotels and villas? To sweeten the deal, many Anguilla villas and hotels cut their prices come summertime. Cap Juluca is offering free days. And if you don't mind negotiating, you can get upgrades, too.

I hope to run into you on a beach this summer.

Here's what's new at Anguilla-Beaches.Com...

#1) Anguilla Weather, Month by Month
Anguilla weather is beautiful year round, but for a better idea of what Anguilla weather is like month-by-month, click here. It will help you plan your next vacation.

#2) Traveling to Anguilla? St. Maarten Or Anguilla Direct?
There are two ways to travel to Anguilla...

  • Fly into St. Maarten and then take a ferry from the airport to Blowing Point. We found a more reliable, efficient and less expensive ferry. Click here to read about it.

  • Fly into AXA from Puerto Rico. A new, luxury airline flies to Anguilla three times a day. Click here to read about it.

#3) Inexpensive Accommodations Once you have decided which way you will travel to Anguilla, and all of the bookings and arrangements are made, the big question is: where to stay? I'll be adding more inexpensive accommodations. With this recession, every penny counts.

A family friend, Karlyn Liburd, offers great value: clean, with nice furnishings and views all for a very low cost. Click here to read about it.

#4) New Anguilla Maps
If you're still in the planning stage of your Anguilla vacation, you might find my new Anguilla maps (built with the help of Google!) useful. Anguilla-Beaches.Com now has lots of reviews on shops and restaurants, but where are they in relation to each other? Click here to see the new Anguilla maps.

#5) Restaurant Review

#6) Shopping on Island Holidays
I have discovered a trendy new boutique!

#7) Anguilla Real Estate Update
Anguilla real estate prices have been dropping! Time to buy?

And there are a whole bunch more stories and reviews and insights from visitors to Anguilla-Beaches.Com. Here are some of my favorites..

Matt Larsen (from Scottsbluff, NE) sent in a touching story about his first time to the beach (ever!), right here in Anguilla. Click here to read Matt's impressions.

Shawn Hammer (from Fairfax, VA) shared an Anguilla news story that put a smile on my face. Click here to read a nice piece of Anguilla news.

Dave (from Vancouver, Canada) sent a lovely account of the great resort, Malliouhana. Click here to read about one of Anguilla's most impressive resorts.

I always look forward to receiving stories and photos in my inbox. And readers love reading about your experiences. So please tell your own story here, adding a photo if you like.

Phew, there was so much to share this time around!

I can't believe that we are already nearing the end of June. Yuki and I head up to New York for school in August. But before then?

My biggest thrill on the horizon is a trip to Saba at the beginning of July!

I'll see you soon, just before that vacation.

Hope you're enjoying your summer,


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