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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #059, March 21st 2011

At last, signs of Spring!

And that means one thing... Summer can't be far behind. ;-)

Heavy rain and exams are still on the "10-day forecast," but before long Yuki and I will be back home in Anguilla, with our parents and puppies. Stay tuned for regular updates and stories in the coming months! And to celebrate summer vacations...

Carimar Beach Club and our favorite restaurants (da'Vida, Straw Hat, and Cote Mer) and will be having a fun contest, launching next weekend. Watch for the announcement.

Before we get to summer, here is what's new...

#1) Cote Mer For Lunch
Cote Mer is our favorite French Anguilla restaurant. We've had some of our most magical evenings in Anguilla at Cote Mer. Now, we can enjoy Cote Mer for lunch too! Don't miss their Sunday Beach Party. Stephane and Thomas cook up a variety of tasty kebabs (we recommend the lamb) for a very reasonable price.
Click here to read more on Cote Mer's Beach Party.

#2) Palm Grove Update
Speaking of favorite seaside restaurants... Palm Grove, or Nat's as we call it, is one of our original favorites. It's the ultimate laid back beach bar, best-known for its freshly caught crayfish, Johnny cake, thick-cut steak fries and rum punches! The great news? No need to ever wait for a table. Nat has expanded!
Click here for the Palm Grove Update.

#3) Anguilla History
Curious about Anguilla's vibrant history? Read all about Anguilla's history and timeline since before colonization by St. Kitts, up to present day.
Click here for Anguilla's history.

#4) Celeb Tid-Bits

Watch for the announcement of a very special contest next week. To give you a head start...

If you only had one day left in Anguilla, ever, never to return, what would you do? From the moment the warm Caribbean sunrise kisses your eyelids, to the final moment when you solemnly shut your suitcase, what would you do, eat, explore, and so forth. Don't leave a thing out. :-)

Carimar Beach Club will be giving away a 5 night free stay to the contestant with the best story.


Three of our favorite Anguilla restaurants, Cote Mer, da'Vida and Straw Hat, will be providing dinner for 2!

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming contest, in next week's e-zine!

Talk to you soon,

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