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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #22, October 2003

School is in full swing now.

But even though my teachers have been bombarding us with homework, assignments and tests, I have been busy, busy, busy on :-)

Before I tell you about the new pages, I have something really exciting to share with you...

My online art gallery. This online boutique features our two favorite artists, Lynne Bernbaum and Cheddie Richardson. They have contributed original paintings and sculptures, and limited edition prints as well.

Oh, and before I forget. There's one more artist... me! Yes, I too designed a piece, nothing as great as a driftwood-turned-into-eagle sculpture. But it's not too shabby either, if I do say so myself.

Visit the gallery for a look see -- click on this link and immerse yourself in the beauty they have created. Myself included... Ha, ha! ;-)

Now, here are the new pages since my last update...

#1) Shopping and Smoothies
Shopping can be a tiring and dehydrating sport -- just ask any husband. At this shop, you're covered. Shop, slurp, carry on.
Please click here to visit the "Shopping and Smoothie" Page.

#2) Our Favorite Arawak Dessert
Remember the folks at the Arawak Cafe? We have mentioned their pizza several times. But that pie isn't our only favorite. Here is the other one, a little known British invention. (A recipe included!)
Please click here to visit the "Our Favorite Arawak Dessert" Page.

#3) The 4x4 Car Rental Update
Renting a car on Anguilla is an absolute must to see the island properly. We usually end up bumping along in a Toyota (they really do work quite well!). This time, though, we became more adventurous...
Please click here to visit the "The 4x4 Car Rental Update" Page.

#4) Yuki-the-picky-eater's Favorite Anguilla Restaurant
My sister is picky... picky in clothing, shoes, and definitely in Anguilla dining (or any dining for that matter). So, when she says, "that was a good meal!"... it was great. Here's her top choice...
Please click here to visit the "Yuki-the-picky-eater's Favorite Anguilla Restaurant" Page.

#5) Anguilla Airport
"AXA." Three magic letters for "Anguilla-philes." A picture-perfect one-strip Caribbean runway. No 747s allowed!
Please click here to visit the "Anguilla Airport" Page.

#6) Attention Golfers!
Golf courses? In Anguilla? They exist? Two do, in fact. Well, soon-to-be two.
Please click here to see which course my Dad prefers.

#7) Picturesque Churches
Ever notice how Anguilla has the most picturesque churches? These Anguilla photos capture their low-key, unpretentious nature.
Please click here to visit the "Picturesque Churches" Page.

And that's a wrap.

October's coming in with a chill. And it's only going to get colder for the next few months. But I'll try to ignore the fact for the moment and keep visions of Anguilla in mind!

March isn't too far away. Is it?

Please click here to visit Anguilla Beaches Home Page...

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