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Anguilla Photos
Picture-Perfect Anguilla Churches


As you explore, sooner or later the Anguilla churches strike you.

Later, usually.

But once you notice them, you can't help spotting them. All over the island, they are picture-perfect, begging to become "Anguilla photos" at the mercy of my Dad's digital camera.

Do You Have Photos of
Anguilla Churches?

Click here to share yours!

Seriously, these Anguilla photos capture more than just picture-perfect churches. They capture humility. Charming, quiet architecture. Humble yet with inner strength. A scale more appropriate to whatever we are, compared to the infinite scale of whatever religion one may believe in.

Take your time and reflect on these Anguilla photos...

The Methodist Church
In The Caribbean and the Americas
Anguilla photos

St. Gerard's Catholic Church
The Valley
Anguilla photos

Bethel Methodist Church
South Hill
Anguilla photos

Valley Methodist Church
Anguilla photos

Parish Church of
St. Mary's Anglican Episcopal
Anguilla photos

Sandy Ground Church
Anguilla photos

Anguilla Church
Anguilla photos

Jireh Tabernacle
Seventh Day Adventist
Anguilla photos

Church of God of Holiness
Anguilla photos

St. Andrew's Anglican Church
Anguilla photos

Anguilla Church
Anguilla photos

Christian Assembly Church
Anguilla photos

The Hill Top Baptist Church
Anguilla photos

Modest yet perfect. Conservative yet charming. Once you start noticing Anguilla churches, you'll never be the same. Small and quiet as they are, they'll grab your eye.

And if you spot a new one, please let me know by sending me the form below!

Do You Have Photos of Anguilla Churches?

Anguilla churches have always amazed me... so many picture-perfect churches on one island with less than 15,000 people!

Have I missed any of Anguilla's beautiful churches? Or maybe you have a really nice photo of one that I have included above? Please add your own photo and/or its history or story you'd like to tell about it.

Other Visitors' Church Photos

Click below to see Anguilla church photos submitted by other visitors to this page...

Ebenezer Methodist Church 
From my notes of 1969: The nearest Bay to ‘The Lodgings’ is Crocus Bay. To get there one walked or got a lift up Crocus Hill. A church (of which …

Anguilla Church Unknown 
40 years ago, between July and October, I was PC 697 of the Metropolitan Anguilla Police Unit (UK - London). For the first six weeks on the island I …

Mahogany Grove Church, Long Bay, Anguilla 
The Mahogany Grove Lutheran Church, located today in the Long Bay Area of Anguilla, just North of Malliouhana Hotel, has had a colorful and interesting …

Mount Fortune Seventh-day Adventist church 
This is a picture of Mount Fortune Seventh-day Adventist Church.

St.Andrews Anglican Church, Island Harbor, Anguilla 
Back in the early fifties, there were only two Anglican Churches on Anguilla, St. Mary's in the Valley and St.Augustine's in East End. All of the residents …

Church of God, Day Care Center 
This charming old church is in the Upper Valley, near the Savanah Gallery and the Warden's Place. I love the colors. Nori's Reply: Thanks for the …

Church in North Valley 
Here's a quaint little church I found in North Valley! Nori's Reply: Thanks for sharing this photo, Carol. I've never seen this cute church before! …

St. Gerard's Catholic Church 
The baptismal font is especially beautiful. The base is a sculpture of sea grass and the font is a shell. Here are more photos of the interior of St. …

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