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Liming in Anguilla...
Lim•ing verb
1. To hang out, unwind and have a good time


If you have visited Anguilla, spoken with the warm and friendly people who live here, and certainly if you have hung out time and time again with Anguillians, then you have likely heard the verb "liming", or have heard it used as a noun, "a lime."

Anguilla-Beaches.com reader
Deb Neebe & her sister at sunset
barb and george shoal bay west anguilla

This basically means to kick back and relax, whether it be at home with drinks and food, or at the beach. It's a wonderful word!

Before we moved to Anguilla in 2008, whenever we were away from Anguilla, we'd long for its shores and for a "beach lime."

Then, the only way for us to re-live liming in Anguilla was through photos.

The more photos, the warmer we felt, the better we felt, the closer we felt to Anguilla!

We always looked through our old vacation photos. When they ran out, we sought out unique and original Anguilla photos.

They really removed those thousands of miles.

We soon discovered that we weren't alone in the comfort felt by gazing at pictures of Anguilla.

Over the years, many people have shared beautiful photos of Anguilla, fun ones, emotive ones, ones that capture a certain essence and take you back to a certain moment.

Facebook Photos

Barb & George's superb shot of Shoal Bay West
barb and george shoal bay west anguilla

Many now share their special photos on our Facebook page. You can see some of them by clicking here.

If you have photos that you want to share with all Anguilla lovers, feel free to post them to our Facebook wall and we will re-post them for everyone to see! And if the re-post receives many Likes, Comments and Shares, we will turn it into our Facebook Cover Photo until the next great photo comes along. :-)

This photo below, snapped by Anguilla lover Natalie Trimm at Crocus Bay in 2010, was loved by so many that we quickly made it our Cover Photo. Isn't it a beauty?

Natalie Trimm's perfectly composed shot of Crocus Bay
natalie trimm anguilla photo

Instagram Photos

Aside from Facebook, Instagram is one of the top ways to stay connected to Anguilla socially. A social network all about photo sharing, there are many sparkling, fun, happy photos of Anguilla being shared through Instagram by visitors and residents alike.

I've taken a real shine to Instagram and started my own account. You can see my most recent photos below and follow me @anguillabeaches...

(Follow me on Instagram
for more Anguilla photos)

If you are on Instagram and want to share your Anguilla photos with everyone, hash tag them with #anguillabeaches and I will repost them to our account. If you don't have Instagram but have a smart phone, consider downloading the Instagram app. It's a fun way to share photos and stay connected with people you love and places you love!

Photos From Earlier Days

Before the likes of Facebook and Instagram, many readers would email photos in. Here are a few of my favorites shared by readers over the years...

Barb & George's flawless shot of Cove Bay
barb and george cove bay anguilla

Chris O'Connor's serene setting overlooking Barnes Bay
chris oconnor anguilla

Deb Neebe's stunning sunset
deb neebe anguilla

... and this photo of Deb's she titled "Let the race begin!"
On the weekend, the locals were racing these model boats, they were hilarious!
deb neebe anguilla

... and then this follow-up shot she called "Go get 'em!"
They would then jump into this motor boat and chase the models down. Let the race begin!
deb neebe anguilla

Jill's classic photo of Little Bay
jill anguilla

Ronald W. Gumb's picture of the good old days!
ronald w. gumbs anguilla

There's never enough Anguilla photos, are there? :-)