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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #032, March 19th 2006

Well isn't this fun! I'm in Anguilla. And this is the first e-zine I've ever sent while on our favorite island. I've just had too much work in college to send this issue before leaving.

Work, work, work. I'm drowning in it. This week has been the pre-"study break" week, which means that teachers have been dishing out work left, right and center.

Luckily, I won't have to work away in the still very wintery, Montreal weather. As I write this, I am sitting on the terrace at Ocean Terrace Condos, listening to the surf, gentle trades blowing.

We arrived only a few hours ago. It sure feels good to be back.

My Dad and Yuki left one week ahead of us this year. Lucky Yuki, she has an extra week off. They tell us that a lot has changed... again.

And my Dad had his interview for the Alien Land Holder Application, the last (and biggest step) before you can start to build.

He sure is hopeful to get the Alien Land Holder's Liscence. He'll be adding a page about that soon. And I'm really excited to find out what's new. More on that soon! Until then...

#1) More Magic
The lovely lady who owns Irie Life, the outrageous Dider, sensational sunsets, wildlife... here are more magic moments!
Click here for more magic.

#2) A Perfect Morning Walk
Like to walk beaches? Of all the beach walks, of all time, this just may be the best.
Click here to read all about a perfect morning walk.

#3) The Best Anguilla Fries
Yes, we've finally found the best French fries on this British colony!
Click here to discover the best fries on Anguilla.

#4) Fat Cat's New Location
Fat Cat has moved and improved!
Click here for the new and improved Fat Cat.

#5) Quit the Rat Race at the Barrel Stay
They've never had Caribbean vacations in Anguilla, but left England just the same and jumped at the opportunity to open up this delectable restaurant.
Click here for more on the Barrel Stay.

#6) Goats on Bikes
Our friend Dedric, father to the "Goat" t-shirt, has a new concept...
Click here to check it out.

So that's the end of that chapter.

Onto Anguilla of 2006!

Wish you were here...

Take care & stay warm,


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