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Eating Well & Affordably on Caribbean Vacations:
Fat Cat Gourmet


One look at Fat Cat Gourmet's counter of bright, flavorful salads will make your mouth water...

Fat Cat Gourmet Salads
fat cat gourmet salads

A bite into their weekly roti special?...

fat cat roti

It will make you a believer in all things roti, hitting every high note of flavor and proving that eating well and affordably in Anguilla sure is possible!

Fat Cat Gourmet in The Valley

Today, Fat Cat Gourmet sits in a bright and airy spot just outside of Albert Lake's grocery store. (Their location is especially convenient if you are staying in the East End at Zemi Beach or Manoah.)

Fat Cat Gourmet Today
fat cat gourmet anguilla

TIP: Their potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salad are three absolute "musts" that make for a terrific picnic lunch on Shoal Bay East.

Fat Cat in 2002

Fat Cat wasn't always located in The Valley, however. Our love affair with Fat Cat began in the early 2000's when they were located in a tiny charming spot in South Hill.

Fast forward a few years to a fateful day in 2006 when we were on our way into The Valley, leaving from Shoal Bay East. The sign "Fat Cat" caught our attention. "It wasn't always there!" I exclaimed, nearly causing my Dad to lose control of the car.

We had to stop and get the scoop.

Fat Cat Gourmet To Go in 2006
Caribbean Vacations Fat Cat

The good people at Fat Cat Gourmet probably thought we were completely insane the moment we walked through the door, our faces covered in befuddled expressions.

"Were you always here? Or... did you move? Or... wait. This place is new?"

But then we smelled the scent of our favorite, tasty roasted chicken and our disorientation evaporated.

They had done so well on the western end of Anguilla, and now wanted a more central location. They packed up shop, moved and expanded.

With Owner, Jassy in 2006 After Their Move
Caribbean vacations

Not only did they move to Anguilla's epicenter and expand their gourmet shop, but they expanded their menu too!

Fat Cat Gourmet was perfect before the move.

Now they are just as perfect and continue to offer a wider and wider selection of baked goods, lunch specials and pre-cooked gourmet meals (just take them back to your villa and warm them up).

More Fat Cat Gourmet Goodies

They carry breakfast treats like cinnamon buns and croissants. That's how we first discovered Le Bon Pain, the French bakery that supplies them.

Jassy whips up a plethora of salads (photo above) and specials daily. Whether it's chicken and ribs or Jamaican patties or even roti.

Fat Cat has also become a family favorite for their specialty dishes that you can order ahead of time (ex., lasagna, scalloped potatoes, cakes, casseroles... you name it!). My sister loves their scalloped potatoes. Every holiday season, we order a dish ahead of time. It's not Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving without a plate.

Creamy Smooth Scalloped Potatoes
scalloped potatoes by fat cat

If you are visiting Anguilla, you can order these specialty dishes ahead of time. Many folks place orders with Jassy before arriving on-island. When they arrive, their hotel room or villa is already stocked with flavorful dishes and tasty treats. Dinner #1 is taken care of before you even set foot on Anguilla! Genius idea. I wish we had thought of that before we moved to Anguilla!

Nobody does it better than Fat Cat. Who says you can't eat well and cheap in Anguilla?

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Located across from Albert Lakes grocery store in the Valley.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Saturday, 9am-3pm.

Tel.: 264-497-2307