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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #039, July 4th 2008

Hello, summertime!

It's really warming up here in Montreal (at last!). Winter and spring have come and gone, and what a crazy few months they were. It's been a while since my last e-zine, but life has certainly thrown me a few curveballs...

The last time I wrote I was studying Communications at university in Montreal. After one year of rigorous course work and exams, I concluded that Communications isn't for me. I'm changing programs, pursuing a business degree. But the biggest transfer isn't in the academic realm. Our family is finally leaving the cold, grey days in Montreal behind. We're all moving down to our favorite spot in the sun... Anguilla!!!

So things sure have been a little hectic around here. But all the while, amidst the frantic preparation for these major life changes, I have added some updates to

1) Anguilla Beaches Limin'

Sometimes, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I crave Anguilla... the warm breeze, the tropical aroma, the beaches, the food, the feeling of total and utter relaxation. And I'm sure you must feel that way, too! So I've started Anguilla Beaches Limin'.

Anguilla Beaches Limin' is Anguilla away from Anguilla. It's a spot for limin' (lingo for "hanging out"), sharing your pictures, stories, and memories from Anguilla vacations! I've put up a few pics of the new home we've been building for the past year, and started a couple of threads in the forum there.

You can open your own account there and do the same. I'd love to see who you are!

Click here to start limin'...

2) Your Stories

And in the same vein, I've also added several spots on pages for you to share your own stories about Anguilla. So many Anguilla lovers have already built their own wonderful pages about experiences on Anguilla

I love reading other Anguilla lovers' stories. Judging from the comments on those stories, so do those in the know about this new feature on Anguilla Beaches...

Steve Ziemba from Michigan shared his passion for "the bend" at Shoal Bay East...

and also reflected on the AXA Eagle flight and just how magical those moments are when you first step off the plane.

I'd really love to hear your stories. I've collected a list of all the special spots on one page so you can see them all at a glance. Please check it out and share your special Anguilla experiences with everyone? That would be fantastic!

3) Your Anguilla News

Unless you live in Anguilla, island news may be difficult to come by. With Google's software, I've added a continuously updated news stream, giving you the latest on what's happening on Anguilla now. You can add your own news stories, editorials, and commentary too!

Click here for Anguilla news.

4) The Best Anguilla Pizza?

The pizza at the Arawak has always been my #1 favorite on Anguilla. I never had any doubt that Maria made the tastiest pizza pie. That was until I took reader Mark's advice and tried a new Italian restaurant on the island. We now have a pasta toss-up (so to speak) for best pizza on the island...

Click here to read about this new delicious Italian restaurant.

5) Breaking The Marigot Tradition In St. Martin

On our February Anguilla vacation, my Dad and I did in fact break our St. Martin tradition of visiting Marigot. I was skeptical and unsure... why break a great thing? Instead of spending the entire day around Marigot, we ventured to another part of St. Martin.

Read about our Grand Case escapade here. (We still ended up in Marigot, though. You just can't beat the shopping!)

6) Anguilla Villa Directory

Earlier this year I created an entire Anguilla villa directory. Simply select the beach of your choice and choose the best villa for you!

Click here to see the directory.

Finally, my Dad's home-building journal is growing and growing. The house has come a long way...

Caribbean Construction Makes Steady Progress.



The Exterminator!

The First Floor.

Plumbing, Part 2.

As you'll see in Anguilla Limin', our home is way ahead of my dad's reporting. He's fallen behind. But he promises to catch up and finish the story.

There is about a month or so left before it's all finished.

And you know what that means?

It won't be long now until we're moved in! My Dad and sister are moving down earlier than my Mom and I. Yuki will be starting school in St. Martin in August, and my Dad will be there to drive her to the "school boat".

My Mom will join them in September, and I'll be the last to go once I've wrapped up my fall courses at university in Montreal.

The next few months will be wild! It's scary to say good-bye to the only place that has only ever been "home," but what an adventure it will be.

Until next time then...

Have a great 4th of July!

Take care,


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