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American Eagle Has Landed...
AXA Welcomes You!

by Steve Ziemba
(South Lyon, Michigan)

I'm AXA-Home

I'm AXA-Home

After writing my first "Magical Moment" about daily treks along Upper and Lower Shoal Bay, I realized I can easily summarize my thoughts about Anguilla.

I have numerous "Magical Moments" relating to the island. But the most exhilarating has to be the moment I step off the plane to AXA, feel the warm tropical breeze at 9:00pm and enter the cab for the hotel.

From that point on everything will be memorable... the water, beaches, restaurants, weather and of course, the people themselves. It all makes for lasting memories, something no one can take away, something you'll always have, something you can take with you everywhere, forever.

I've traveled the Caribbean islands since 1978 and vowed I'd never "hit" the same island twice ... and that was my philosophy until I took a day-trip from St. Maarten to Shoal Bay.

All it took was two-weeks on Anguilla the following year and 11 subsequent vacations there to change my philosophy. All other islands seemingly have disappeared!

What can I say! It's truly magical!

Nori's Reply: Steve, I couldn't agree with you more. Stepping down the stairs after the AXA Eagle flight lands (not before!) is indeed sheer magic. Or, if you arrive via St. Maarten, sitting back on the boat to Anguilla gives you that same deep breath of warm relaxation.

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AXA Welcomes You!

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Jul 08, 2008
The Worst Feeling
by: alice

On the flip side is the departure from Anguilla, when time comes to leave. I always sit on the plane as it taxis down the runway with tears in my eyes.

Jul 05, 2008
I agree with Steve...
by: Anonymous

After a trip to Baltimore in December to attend a wedding and visit with family,I was so glad to come "home" to Anguilla, I could have flown without American Eagle, just by flapping my arms. What I always notice when I arrive, is Anguilla smells good! It has it's own aroma!!

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