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Rounding The Anguilla Bend 2

by Steve Ziemba
(South Lyon, MI)

At Ernie's On East Shoal Bay

At Ernie's On East Shoal Bay

I take that same "Rounding the Bend" Anguilla walk on East Shoal, as many as 8 times daily. Yes, 8 times daily! I visit between Serenity and chatting with Petra, Gwen's and exchanging greetings in Polish which she remarkably speaks, Uncle Ernie's and the "gang" (minus Ernie, "Pressure King" and now Lillian and Elsie), on to to Hardbroke and so-on down the line.

Now let's see, 8 trips along Shoal Bay Beach daily x usually two-week stints ... whew ... lotsa trips. Anguilla the beautiful ... we'll be back next April, 2009.

Take care all ...

"Mon from Meeecheeeegun" as "Pressure King" would say.

Nori's reply

Hi Steve. All I can say is wow! You should turn that into an Anguilla video workout. Walking in sand burns calories and you do a 2 mile walk 8 times per day! That's the ultimate Anguilla exercise workout, I'd say!

What a great photo of you and the gang at Ernie's, too.

A final thought -- if you increase this to 13 times, it could actually become an official Anguilla Marathon. 26 miles! ;-)

Thank you for a great magical moment... 8 of them actually, daily!


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Jul 04, 2008
Prescription For That Special Feeling
by: Steve

Walk the beach, stop at the bend, gaze at the emerald sea, and while simultaneously feeling the warmth of the sun and tickle of the tropical breeze say to yourself; "can't get no betta den dis, mon"!

Jul 04, 2008
Not to worry, Steve
by: Nori Evoy

Steve, I added your name (up top) for you. It's a great page and really deserves full credit. Thank you again for sharing this. "Rounding the "Shoal Bay Bend" certainly seems popular. There is another "rounding the bend" page, and both have comments that resonate.

Jul 03, 2008
Ooooops !
by: Steve

Neglected to give my name as the author of this page. At least that's been my experience each time I stop at "The Bend" ... makes all the pressures of life away from our beloved Anguilla disappear!

Jul 03, 2008
The Mystical Anguilla Bend
by: Ronnie

I've seen people doing their Zen meditation, cross-legged right on that point. It seems we all feel something at that special spot in Anguilla.

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