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Your Magic Moments
Caught In Special Anguilla Photos


My family and I have experienced many magic moments in Anguilla!

I've shared stories about rewarding hikes, special restaurants and even, although extremely unusual, a story about "whelking"! We have had so many adventures over the years!

A really fun part of our travels, and this Web site, is capturing the "magic moments" in the form of Anguilla photos. Those pictures freeze those moments forever in time and let me share them with you.

While I love sharing my family's stories and our "magic moment" Anguilla photos, I love hearing, and seeing, your magical Anguilla pictures, too.

So, I'm curious..

What Is Your
Magical Anguilla Moment?

Every person, on every vacation has had a memorable meal or special sunset drinks or experienced sensational snorkeling or gone on a breathtaking hike. We all have a magic moment. What's yours?

Your Magic Moments

Click on the links below for magic moments experienced by other visitors to Anguilla, all written by those who've been on this page.

Lunch and Beachin' at
Trattoria Tramonto
Great lunch at Trattoria Tramonto and then hanging out with friends at the beach. Good wine, great food and lots of sun and sand. Nori's Reply: …

Rounding The Anguilla Bend 2 
I take that same "Rounding the Bend" Anguilla walk on East Shoal, as many as 8 times daily. Yes, 8 times daily! I visit between Serenity and chatting with …

Rounding the Bend in Anguilla 
Every trip to anguilla begins with a lunchtime walk from lower Shoal Bay East to the upper beach, Gwen's, etc. The moment we round the beautiful spit of …

Many Magical Anguilla Moments 
Anguilla is my hearts home! In 2005 I took my very first trip to Anguilla and I came back longing for more. Not only was that one of my first times out …

Special Scilly Cay 
Our magic moment is captured in the photo above. It happened durinng our first visit to Gorgeous Scilly Cay (in 1990). Being new to Anguilla island at …

American Eagle Has Landed...
AXA Welcomes You!
After writing my first "Magical Moment" about daily treks along Upper and Lower Shoal Bay , I realized I can easily summarize my thoughts about Anguilla. …

Here Comes The (Anguilla) Sun 
My magical Anguilla moment happened in December 2003. My wife and I were visiting friends who live on the island. It was our first trip to Anguilla. …

Sunset Moment 
No words for this picture are needed. Love, renee

A Wonderful Anguilla Family Vacation! Not rated yet
The idea was originally born a year prior. I wanted to treat my parents to a vacation, in thanks for all of the vacations they took us on when we were …

Anguilla Beaches, First time at the Ocean Not rated yet
Growing up in the midwest, I had never been in the ocean before. I had only seen it from a highway or a hotel room during family vacations. A few years …

Finally arrived in Anguilla! Not rated yet
After hearing about the Blanchards' story and reading their first book "A Trip To The Beach" some seven or eight years ago, the quest to visit Anguilla …

The Whole Anguilla Vacation Not rated yet
Our magic moment was the whole holiday we had last year (July 08) Looking forward to our next one, 16th May to the 30th May 09. Nori's Reply: Thank …

Really BIG Waves
On Limestone Beach!
 Not rated yet
These were unusually BIG, they scared me! Nori's Reply: Wow, Carol, what a sensational photo at Limestone. Every time we've gone to Limestone Bay, …

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