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Many Magical Anguilla Moments

by Tina
(Clayton, USA)

Junior Flemming (From Junior.ai)

Junior Flemming (From Junior.ai)

Anguilla is my hearts home! In 2005 I took my very first trip to Anguilla and I came back longing for more. Not only was that one of my first times out of the States but I got engaged there at Pelican Hill.

I had so many great experiences...

Junior Fleming is a personal family friend and he is truly a good man. The first time that I had ever been snorkeling was a trauamtic experience for me because I'm terrified of what's around me but Junior held my hand the entire time as he pointed out the many creations in the ocean. He even swam down and caught a sea turtle! He showed it to all of the children as well as the adults and educated them on different parts of the turtle and why they are the way that they are.

He truly took the time to make sure that everyone was having fun and was involved. He really is a prime example of true Anguillians! They are what makes your stay so unbelievable!

Also, Gwen's has awesome food as well as Elodia's and we had so much fun going back to Sprocka's place by the airport and listening to his many songs - especially the "suitcase" song. We were actually lucky in 2005 when we went to see Sprocka sing because he had an unannounced guest - Banky-Banks! They sang all night together and we had a blast! There is also a man by the name of Nature Boy who hung around with Junior - now he is FUN!

They all took very good care of us - all 12 of our group.

I have to say that one of my very favorite spots is Little Bay. Beautiful doesn't even come close to describing it. You can only get there by boat (unless you are an original islander and can climb down the cliff) and it is the most perfect spot to go snorkeling! We took an underwater camera and it was awesome! We saw star fish, sea erchants and blow fish.

I could go on and on about Anguilla!

All I know is that I have been to other islands and I can't stop comparing them to this paradise.

Sometimes I think to myself, I don't want to tell anyone about this place because I don't want it to become too crowded!

Thank you so much for letting me tell some of my stories of the great Anguilla!

All my love


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Jul 04, 2008
Pay me next year
by: Steve Ziemba

Junior is a very accomodating fella. What I find most notable about him is that he pays attention to every passenger. On one ride he concentrated on answering each kid's questions first as they peered through the glass floor before he moved on to the adults, and he never missed a single passenger.

I recall a couple apologizing after their ride saying they forgot their money to pay for the ride. Junior's reply; "No problem, pay later, and if you can't that's ok too ... just be sure to take good memories of your 'holiday' back home with you. Maybe you pay me next year".

Aug 18, 2007
We love Little Bay, too
by: Nori

Tina, I've heard so many nice things about Junior! Funny thing, when I'm in the water, I'm afraid of sharks. Maybe I'll ask him to hold my hand. And we love Little Bay, too. No matter how rough the waters around Anguilla may be, it's always smooth as glass here. It's my Dad's #1 place to just float on his back, his favorite ocean activity. Thank YOU for writing. :-) Nori.

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