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Special Scilly Cay

by Jim and Liz Cain
(Texas, USA)

Sandra and Eudoxie's boys in 1996

Sandra and Eudoxie's boys in 1996

Our magic moment is captured in the photo above. It happened durinng our first visit to Gorgeous Scilly Cay (in 1990). Being new to Anguilla island at that time and understanding that Scilly Cay offered "Sunday music and local BBQ", we went over for Sunday afternoon entertainment with only "limited" cash in my pocket.

We had a very lovely afternoon, several rum punches, lobster and crayfish BBQ. I'll never forget Sandra's and Eudoxie's two young boys showing us our lobsters-to-be-dinner.

This magic moment was followed by a motifying one .... we were some $60 short of paying for our bill.

Most embarrassed, I approached Sandra and Eudoxie and described my situation. They asked where I was staying and suggested that I just "bring the rest of it over sometime next week." That would NEVER happen in Houston.

We took the shortfall over to Scilly Cay early the next week and had another rum punch (or two) visiting with Sandra (cute blonde from Atlanta) and Eudoxie (descended from Grenada whaler family in southern Caribbean.)

Bottom line: We would not consider going to Anguilla now without a "ritual" luncheon and visit at Gorgeous Scilly Cay.

Yes, Scilly Cay is expensive! However, it exudes the very ambiance of Anguilla and (in our opinion) is worth every penny. By the way, I have seen the local sea turtles many times while snorkeling around Scilly Cay.

All the best,
Jim and Liz
Houston, TX

P.S. Liz and I discovered the island of Anguilla in 1989 as a "day trip" visit on a Windjammer S/V Polynesia cruise. After snorkeling for half a day on Shoal Bay East and visits with Anguillians, we vowed that we MUST come back to this island. We have done so not almost (but not quite) every year since. We've missed a few, but not too many.

I have very much enjoyed reviewing your website and past newsletters. I found your site while reviewing for our upcoming trip (We leave tomorrow for our next visit to the most WONDERFUL island in the Caribbean.) My wife and I have been going to Anguilla regularly since 1989 and was looking for recent updates.

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Aug 09, 2007
I'm sure Scilly Cay is FULL of magic moments
by: Nori

Jim and Liz, thank you for such a magic and such a Scilly (sorry, couldnt resist) moment. I'm glad they didn't make you wash the dishes. We've met Eudoxie and he's a warm, friendly person, the kind of man you like right away. And we have some great photos on our page about eating there, too. Their boys are much bigger now, of course! Nori

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