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Call the Anguilla Exterminator!


Before we move ahead with slab preparation it is prudent to consider spraying the backfilled area under the house. Use a professional...

Anguilla Exterminator!
anguilla exterminator

When we think about calling in an exterminator, it usually means to deal with an existing problem.

Not here! This is all about prevention. Deal with and control subterranean bugs before they become a problem.

We were fortunate enough to meet Dennis Harrigan from D&A Extermination on a visit to the island prior to starting our home. When we met he was preparing to put all his years of experience into a business of his own. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field and loves his work.

We promised him our support as eventual customers and with a big smile he thanked us and told us we would not be disappointed. We kept our word and he kept his..

anguilla exterminator 2

You want to deal with a competent exterminating company during at least two stages of your homebuilding project. First, to spray the backfilled area under the house prior to slab placement. Second, after you have graded and landscaped the areas surrounding your house.

After this, a yearly maintenance program. It is always easier to control and keep a situation in check before it becomes an infestation. (Up here in Canada, we have this marvelous invention called "winter" that keeps bugs in check!)

Dennis sprays a strong dosage of chemical treatment on the backfilled area. No spot is left untouched. The team covers the sprayed area with a moisture membrane, which serves a dual purpose.

  • help with the slow moist curing of the concrete as discussed in previous sections
  • stop any watering down effect of the chemical sprayed if there is rainfall prior to the concrete pour.
Dennis And The Membrane
anguilla exterminator 3 anguilla exterminator 4

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