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Issue #056, December 18th 2010

Exams, final papers, sub-zero temperatures, holiday lights, red-green-and-white...

Yes, it's that time of the year again!

The holidays are coming, and fast. In one short week final grades will be in, school will be out, and Yuki and I will be on a plane home for the holidays. And we'll be there for a glorious 5 full weeks! :-)

(Speaking of Christmas holidays, if you have not yet planned your Anguilla Christmas vacation or have been sitting on the fence due to the expense, don't miss the last note in this issue below!)

We'll be taking two planes home this time. No Anguilla ferry connections for us in St. Maarten. Anguilla Air Services will take us the rest of the way home from St. Maarten!

For the first time in several years, we will fly into our favorite airport, the sleepy and charming Anguilla airport (renamed from Wallblake to Clayton J. Lloyd). I will be sure to give you an update on Captain Carl Thomas' Anguilla Air Services' St. Maarten connection that my parents raved about when they took it.

Before our plane touches down on the hot tarmac, here are a few updates...

#1) Barbados Vacations
Nothing helps stave off winter blues more than reminiscing about a tropical holiday. Looking through our photos from our Barbados vacation this year, and recalling all of our adventures and mis-adventures was just what the doctor ordered.

#2) Celebrities in Anguilla
Anguilla's latest luxury resort to join the scene, Viceroy, is making waves with celebrity clientele! This year the resort was home to two high-profile celebrities, maybe you have heard of them? ;-)

#3) A Steal of a Holiday Deal!
Lastly, I'm excited to pass along word of a superb Christmas deal! When Lisa Webster (this luxury Anguilla villa's manager) told me about it, I was reminded of the old saying about how one's luck is often someone else's misfortune.

Well, Lisa Webster happened to mention to me about a last second cancellation at Villa Black Pearl. Now, that has to hurt when you have to cancel because not only do you lose what was going to be a great vacation, you lose your deposit. I hope that group has a chance to come back next year. Meanwhile, though...

This has resulted in a superb opportunity for someone who has not yet committed to Christmas vacation. That may have been due to the high cost of accommodations at this time of year. If so, now you can rent a truly wonderful spot at off-season rates for the highest of the high season...

The two weeks around Christmas and New Years (December 18-January 2) is known as the Holiday season in anguilla. The rates double off the High Season (November to April)! Despite the high rates, these 2 weeks are often booked far in advance in Anguilla.

After all, everyone has those two weeks off, and it really is a great time to be here. Nice and warm, not too hot (with very comfortable evenings), blue skies, and everyone is in a "Christmassy" mood with all of the lights and special celebrations.

Black Pearl's Holiday rate is normally $4,800 per night. But due to its last-second availability, you can take advantage of a 75%-off rate of only $1200 per night (plus the usual taxes, etc.), with one night free, too, if you spend more than 7 nights. All with rental car included.

This rate of $1200/night is HALF of Black Pearl's full High Season rate of $2400 (which is mostly booked up).

The 75%-off Holiday offer starts December 18th through to January 3rd. So if you are lucky enough NOT to have yet booked "Christmas in Anguilla," this is a rare last-second availability at an incredible price (which goes right back up to the usual $2400/night) after Jan 3). Hurry and contact Lisa because this will go fast...

264-235-4615 (mobile)
264-498-7376 (Anguilla)
954-607-3512 (USA)

Wherever you may be spending the holidays, I hope you stay warm as the temperatures plunge.

That's all for this year! Happy Holidays!

Hope to see you in Anguilla this winter,

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