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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #042, February 18th 2009

We're saying good-bye to a life of living out of shopping bags and suitcases, and welcoming one of cardboard boxes!

It's progress, right?

At last, we are home. We've emptied our suitcases and unpacked 80% of our moving boxes. The remaining ones are stacked up around our living room, waiting for construction to wrap-up. The inside of the house is nearly done, but the outside still has a ways to go.

It feels good to be here despite the on-going drilling. We can still see, smell, hear and feel the sea! :-)

In between all the packing and unpacking, moving from our rental home in Little Harbor, to our home now by Long Pond, I've been working all the while on a new layout for the site. It's coming! Nearly there!

I do admit though, I have been sidetracked, by a series of stories and adventures...

#1) Straw Hat Relocated
2008 was a year of change for our family... moving to Anguilla, adapting to a new way of life. We weren't the only ones, though. The beloved Straw Hat family was experiencing such movements as well. Click here to read about Straw Hat's new location.

#2) Picante and Bankie Banx 2009 Updates
I love experiencing new dining environments, sampling different dishes, but despite what they say, I can never have too much of a good thing! Click here to read the Picante 2009 Update. Click here for the Bankie Banx Update.

#3) My Personal Favorite $$$$ Restaurant
... But if I ate at Picante every night save for Tuesdays (when they're closed), I would have never found my favorite restaurant on Anguilla. For me, this spot is the top! It's the best in ambiance, cuisine, service. Here, I am always at ease. Click here to try my favorite Anguilla restaurant.

#4) Sandy Ground Restaurants
Along the main road that runs through Sandy Ground village, you'll find many restaurants. From the upscale, to the inexpensive, to the nightlife spots, they're all here. The latest one to join the scene? Click here to find out.

#5) The Anguilla Sailing Association
After all that talk about food I think I should mention some sports and activity, to burn off those calories! The Anguilla Sailing Association is a non-profit group that fosters the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club, a fun spot for kids to spend an afternoon sailing, swimming, and hanging out with friends. My sister and I love the fun, friendly feel of the club. Click here to read more about the Anguilla Sailing Association.

And thank you so much for sharing your Anguilla stories with visitors to the site...

Kevin from San Jose talked about a little adventure on Scrub Island (I have definitely added that to my list of things to do!). Dr. Morgan from Ohio shared an intersting story and history about the Mahogany Grove Church. I loved reading Pero's article about his favorite beach in Croatia! So exotic!

I always look forward to getting your tips and stories. If you have an Anguilla experience to share, click here. Everyone loves hearing them!

In that vein, Anguilla Beaches Limin' has been a lot of fun lately. Thank you so much Deb Neebe for posting all of your wonderful vacation photos. They're truly magnificent!

If you haven't signed up for Anguilla Beaches Limin' yet, sign up by clicking here.

Well, looks like it's back to helping my Mom clear out a few more boxes. Seems like labor-intensive work is never done around here anymore! ;-)

Hope you're cozy in your home, wherever you may be.

Until next time,

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