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Mala Duba...
My Favorite Romantic Beach

by Pero
(Split, Croatia)

Mala Duba Romantic Beach

Mala Duba Romantic Beach

In a country like Croatia, with more than one thousand islands, finding a beautiful beach has never been a hard mission. Anywhere you go, traveling all along the 3700 miles of coast, or simply picking one of the islands... you will find the perfect beach for your and your family!

Although there are not many sandy beaches in Croatia, the pebble beaches can be just as pretty. The pebble beaches tend to be more attractive, with the clearest, bluest seas. My favorite beach is not on the sandy islands, but along the coast, 50 miles south of my native town Split.

The beach named Mala Duba (Mala means small and Duba is a name) is near the fisherman village Zivogosce on the world famous Makarska Riviera. The beach is not at all small (look at the image above) but it’s particularly special because of its position. This beach is a combination of sea and mountain.

If you are romantic as I am (better to say “used to be”) you will find this beach one of the most romantic beaches in Croatia, especially with your loving partner first enjoying the sunset and after watching the moon shining over you, listening to the whispers of the sea, mixed with the sound of white pebbles.

While adding an appropriate image I was not convinced which one to chose, the one you can see now or the one with the moon glittering on the sea's surface. But I hope your romantic imagination will fill in the rest! :-)

Sincerely yours
Pero Milos

Nori's Reply: Thank you very much for your wonderful story Pero. You seem to have a real passion for your country! Croatia certainly looks spectacular. My cousins recently spent 3 weeks vacationing there and loved every minute of it! Hopefully one day I'll make it to your favorite beach! :-)

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My Favorite Romantic Beach

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Jul 16, 2013
Information about beach shown in photo
by: Friend From Mala Duba

This is picture of beach near Mala Duba. Its name is Velika Duba (Velika means Big and Duba means Cove).
Velika Duba use to be a camp.

Mala Duba and Velika Duba are part of Živogošće, together with: Blato, Strnj, Murava and Porat.

I am from Mala Duba so I am glad that you like Velika Duba. Hope to sell you you here one day. :)

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